2000th Post

Plopper's Field before the Drought of  '12
The garden fairies have been waiting and watching all weekend to see what I was going to write for the 2000th post on my blog.  They are not very patient, as a rule, and can take over my laptop as quick as a hornworm can devour a tomato vine, if I let them.  

Though it is tempting to find out what the garden fairies would have written for the 200th post, I'm going to write this post.

(Garden fairies here. Yes, let's have Carol thinks she's writing this post. We are garden fairies we know otherwise.)

This has been a most unusual season for gardening.  June and July were lost to Extreme Drought.  The only significant time I spent in the garden related to watering because it was too hot to do much else. If I had not posted on my blog about various events related to gardening over the past few months, I might be convinced that we were just a few weeks past Memorial Day and not a few weeks away from Labor Day, the holidays that bookend our summer growing season here in the Midwest.

Fortunately, nearly four inches of rain over the last week have revived the garden, and the gardener, at least temporarily. I feel like it is a new beginning, a new season, in the garden.   I'm excited again about the possibilities for fall planting, anxious to fill in what I consider to be far too much open space in my garden.

(Garden fairies here... Carol needs to get on with this post. We are garden fairies, we want this to be about the 2,000th post not about that drought. We are sick of hearing about that drought. We lived through it, we know about it. It was hot, it was dry, then it rained. Hopefully that is the end of that drought. We are garden fairies.)

Over the course of the last eight years, beginning in 2004, I've told 2,000 stories about my garden on this blog. Yes, I actually started blogging eight years, if you go all the way back to 2004 and 2005, when I posted a grand total of eight times in those two years.

Thank you to all those who have visited my blog to read my stories, to find out what's going on here at May Dreams Gardens, whether it is tragedy or comedy, factual or fanciful.  You've all made this a very enriching experience for me, one that has opened up my garden gate to new opportunities and new friendships beyond what I could have imagined when I started on this adventure.

(Garden fairies here. Is that all she's got? 2,000 posts and this is it? We are garden fairies,we could have done so much better. We really do carry this blog, and that is factual not fanciful.)

Posting on my blog has greatly enriched my life and my garden.  Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

May Dreams Gardens

Thorn Goblinfly
Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies Here at May Dreams Garden and Secretly a Pillywiggin

P.S.  This is Carol. I see what the garden fairies have written, I'm going to leave it, because I really am in control, no matter what they write. But I am curious now about pillywiggins.  I did wonder about Thorn. She always did seem to be hiding something from me.

P.S.S. This is Thorn. I get the last word. A pillywiggin is an English garden fairy. I'm working on enticing Carol to go to England to see gardens, because I want to go, too. Don't tell her.


  1. Congratulations to you and the garden fairies (you know who you are!) I think 2,000 posts are quite an achievement. I'm also glad you've had rain. Praying for rain here.~~Dee

  2. Congrats on the big 2000. I will look forward to your posts no matter which of your writing crew chooses to type out the words. Happy travels.

    P.S. What does plopper field look like now?

  3. 2000...A monumental achievement!

  4. You were the first person who commented on my fledgling blog. I was writing it for my mother and had no idea anyone else had a garden blog! I have loved you for many reasons since then. Congratulations since then on an amazing achievements of 2,000 posts--all of you. ;-)


  5. Congratulations! That's a real milestone. Garden blogging has exploded since you started and I doubt that many other garden bloggers from eight years ago are still going as strongly or writing as well as you.

  6. 2000 posts! Wow that is something to celebrate!!

    This summer has been such a challenge to everyone I think. I do hope next year will be a bonus production!

    bee blessed

  7. Congratulations! I am so glad you have made it to 2000 because I love reading about your garden. It has to be the most crowded garden I know and yet all the residents and visitors seem to get along, for the most part. Here's to the next 2000!!

  8. Congratulations on your 2000th post! I always enjoy visiting your wonderful and whimsical posts as part of my gardening routine. Your writings are fun and inspiring and I always come back for more! Keep those garden fairies working! So happy for you that you finally got rain! Happy Gardening and Happy 2000th post!

  9. Congratulations, Carol, that is quite an accomplishment! Yours was one of the first blogs I read, and one of few that is still going strong today. Thank you for the laughs and all that good information. It was a pleasure to meet you in Austin, and I continue to appreciate your friendship. Thorn, I do so hope you and Carol go to England. You will both love it!

  10. Congratulations Carol!

    Yours was one of my first garden blog discoveries too. So many have come and gone since then, so it's encouraging to see your staying power as I struggle on to get to 1,500.

    So you're thinking of coming to England - hurray! Looking forward to welcoming you when you do take the plunge and come on over :D

  11. Congratulations on your 2000th post, Carol! That's an amazing accomplishment. Your blog was also one of the first I ever read and was a model for me on how to write a good blog post. You were also one of my first commenters, and I've always appreciated that early encouragement you gave me, Carol. I've learned a lot about gardening from you, and I'm always entertained, whether it's Thorin or Hortense or another alter ego who takes control of the keyboard for the day. Here's to another 2000 posts!

    P.S., I hope Thorin convinces you to make that trip to England:)

  12. Congratulations!!
    Your blogs are always a high point in my day.

  13. Lyn is right. I have been blogging for almost ten years (later this month) and I don't have 2000 posts yet (over 1100). Keep up the good work!

  14. Carol,
    I strated reading your blog that contained dailey diary pages from your Grandmother that you posted years ago. From there I started reading your May Dream Gardens blog and I just wanted to say that I enjoy "our" garden visits every day with a cup of coffee. I'm in SW Wisconsin so our gardens are both "midwest" yet so different.
    Please keep up the blogging and I look forward to your next 1000 posts!

  15. Impressive. Congratulations and keep writing!

  16. and now for 2000 more....Congratulations to you and the gang.

  17. Congratulations on #2000. I have only a vague idea, at #409 of my own, how much effort that took!

    P.s. Please ask the garden fairies to send some rain my way.

  18. Wonderful Post. Thank you for the sincerity and humor.
    Congratulations to you and the fairies!

  19. Congratulations to you and all the garden fairies.

  20. Well done Carol....hard to believe you have written 2000 blog posts. Each one is informative, clever a joy to read. Please continue with your talents and I think you deserve that trip.