Guest Post: Garden Fairies Declare Christmas in August

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are celebrating Christmas in August on account of over two inches of rain fell on the garden early this morning.  

We are not sure of the accuracy of our rain gauge, so we are hesitant to exclaim that there was actually a full two and a half inches of rain  because that might not be right and we garden fairies pride ourselves on being right and accurate and not exaggerating, ever.

We are always truthful.  We are so truthful that we'll confess that we do actually sometimes steal garden gloves and hide them. But it is all in good fun and for a laugh at the expense of the gardener.  You should see Carol walk back and forth in the garden looking for gloves we've hidden.  It is hilarious and then some.

Anyway, we are truthful garden fairies and all this rain has really lightened our mood.  We had started to call the drought "the Grinch" because it was so mean to withhold rain like that. We are garden fairies and we were beginning to have despair that it would ever rain again on our garden.

And then it rained.  We are garden fairies, bring on the wassail pudding, but don't burn a yule log because it is still too dry, hang some lights in the garden and let's celebrate a little bit!

It rained!

But we are garden fairies, so we must warn everyone. The Grinch of a Drought has only temporarily let go of the gardens. We don't want to seem ungrateful or piggish, but we are going to need more rain to really vanquish the Grinch of a Drought from the garden once and for all time.  A lot more rain.  

However, we are optimistic that over time we will get that rain.  And then Carol can stop watering, which she never wears gloves for. She can start doing other stuff, like weeding, that requires gloves. Then she'll set down those gloves and we'll hide them and watch her look for them.

Because that's what garden fairies do.

Submitted by:
Thorn Goblinfly, Chief High Priestess and Scribe for the Garden Fairies here at May Dreams Gardens.

P.S.  Carol had better put on some gloves and start weeding. You would not believe the weeds around this garden. We are garden fairies, truthful, always.


  1. Rain - certainly cause for celebration! So gladyou got some much-need rain!

  2. Since you are in a good mood maybe you can give Carol back the camera you hid. And what exactly is wassail pudding??

  3. Congratulations and Merry Christmas! How could a cute little fairy rain gauge be inaccurate? Two and one half inches it is! Love the glove trick.

    Fernleaf Gravelgardener

    ps, I thought wassail was a drink?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Wassailing is a Yuletide activity, and any things that go with it can be tagged with the adjective "wassail ...", e.g. pudding, drink, singing, etc.

    See Wassailing in Wikipedia

  6. So glad it rained for you! It rained a teensy bit here too, but my garden fairies aren't have Christmas as far as I can see.~~Dee

  7. We got rain too. Just over two inches. Garden fairies are celebrating everywhere.

  8. Half an inch on my yard in Houston! I bet garden fairies use rain in their wassail...

  9. We've had rain in Chicago the last couple weeks as well. Amazing how fast the lawns greened up. Hope it wasn't too late to help most of the trees.

  10. Very glad you got rain. Trying not to be jealous you got 2.5 inches (ie, more than me)

  11. The rain we had was certainly welcome!


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