Time to celebrate

Dendranthema 'Cool Igloo'
We have agreement from everyone here at May Dreams Gardens that rain is a real difference maker in the garden. 

This agreement amongst everyone is a bit surprising because not everyone agrees on everything around here.  We sometimes have quite the discussions, but that's a story for another day.

Rain is especially a real difference maker when it has been absent from the garden for, by my accounting, dang near three months.  And those three months were hot months.  

But finally the rain came back on Sunday, and then again later in the week, and yesterday morning and last night.  I did some measuring and calculating and fudging and ciphering and decided that my garden received, quite graciously and thankfully received, almost four inches of rain.

Already, the grass is starting to green up in a few places. The leaves that did stay green are no longer droopy and a couple of blooms popped out in the Dendranthema.  It's like a new spring, only in August instead of April.

Of course, the rain did not un-crisp leaves that had turned brittle and brown in the drought. Nor did it cause the weeds that sprouted and grew tall while I stayed inside in the air-conditioning to disappear.   And it hasn't promised to stay around through the fall.

But it sure lightened my load a bit, at least for awhile. I haven't had to water since Saturday.

I think I might celebrate by mowing the lawn this weekend. 

I will also be celebrating another event on Saturday or maybe Sunday.  This is my 1,999th post on this blog.  That means the next post is number 2,000. 

I  just hope that everyone here at May Dreams Gardens agrees that I should write the 2,000th post.  We'll see. Surprisingly, not everyone agrees on everything around here.  We sometimes have quite the discussions, but that's a story for another day


  1. Yay--that is good news, Carol! I know the feeling, since we had no rain from mid-May through most of July. Some trees are gone, the conifers still look awful, and the Corn crop is lost. But no doubt about it, the rain helped. I'm very happy for you. And congratulations on your (almost) 2,000th post!

  2. Congratulations are - surely - in order, but what is the correct etiquette for congratulating a gardener on four inches of rain after a months-long drought? "Merry rain, Carol"? "Happy rain, Carol", "Wishing you and yours (that would be the lot of you a merry rain and a happy lawn-mowing"?

  3. It doesn't matter how much we water the garden, it never has the same effect as good rain. Four inches is certainly cause for celebration.

  4. At least there was agreement concerning that one subject, rain. Now on to the other...I do hope you win on that posting issue. After all, you pay the most rent.

  5. By all means write the next post. Congrats on so many posts.

  6. Heidi/IN Woodland GardenerSat Aug 11, 08:20:00 AM 2012

    hurray for rain!! Hurray for spring in August!!! Yes, August has been a very different month than July was weather-wise. Let's here it for August....a month we usually dread for being nasty hot and humid.
    I can't wait to read post #2000 and several thousand beyond!

  7. The rain was great! Our grass is green again, except we have some bare spots. The flowers are looking good!

  8. No rain is no fun! Glad it finally broke the drought!

  9. Yes, the rains returned here starting a couple of weeks ago, and there was such a sense of relief. It was a pleasure to see the grass green up and to cease dragging around the soaker hoses.

  10. Definitely a reason to celebrate! We haven't had as much rain as you this past week, but enough that I haven't had to water anything but a few thirsty containers. Last Sunday we mowed the lawn for the first time in months--not because the brown grass needed it, but the weeds and crabgrass did:)

    Looking forward to your 2000th post--if it wasn't so dry, maybe we could have fireworks!

  11. 2000 posts...Congrats!
    Lots of rain....Congrats again!
    Needing to cut grass...not so bad, I guess. Beats raking weeds and dirt where grass is supposed to be.
    Looking forward to that next post and more.

  12. No matter how much one waters the garden it definitely does not compare to rain. We had a similar amount but even a half-inch makes such a difference. I went out and bought plants and shrubs as it feels like the start of the season.


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