Welcome Back, Lawn

Lawn on October 7
Drought? We had a drought? We had a record setting drought? This summer?

You're kidding, right?  It sure doesn't look like there was a drought in my garden. The lawn is green, the roses are blooming again.  And it has been raining, quite a bit. 

The lawn was an awful khaki tan color toward the end of the drought, and it had that funny smell that lawns have when they are dormant due to lack of rain in the summertime.
Lawn on July 24
 But the lawn came back with the rains. I knew it would.
Lawn on September 10
Welcome back, Lawn.  You really do add some serenity and peace to my garden. You provide a place to sit, a place to stroll. I could spread out a blanket and have a picnic with you.  I'm keeping you, Lawn.  You look marvelous.


Michael said…
Oh sweet beautiful lawn. doesn't the condition of a lawn make a massive difference to atmosphere of a garden. ours is D.E.A.D. lack of rain down here in Oz too, i can't wait until the rains come back, your lawn is amazing Carol.
Yes, I can see you strolling along behind your mower happy as a clam.
Anonymous said…
Life for a person can be like a lawn with good soil and fertilizer,
when the dry spells of life happen
for a while, but the rain and snow
come for a time of beauty and peace
Nice bounce back. Hard to believe it could take such a licking from the heat, but it did.~~Dee
Jason said…
Things have greened up here as well. Soil still drier than I would like, though.
ProfessorRoush said…
Wow, what a change in the lawn! Mine was just starting back and then this weekend, I suspect the 28 degree freeze will end the year for the buffalograss.
commonweeder said…
We had rain - and now mowing season is back with a vengence.
Karen said…
Looks fantastic, and so do the roses.
Indie said…
That's quite an impressive change! The lawn looks great!

My lawn is green even during drought, though that maybe be due to all the crabgrass...