Guest Post: Garden Fairies Prepare for Winter

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and once again we feel it is our duty and responsibility, our right and our mission, to take over this blog so that we can provide useful information and great wisdom about gardening and gardens.

Before we start to share the wisdom of why you should  prepare a garden for winter and useful information about how to do it we must comment on the previous post.

We are garden fairies and we were appalled that as a child, Carol thought to dress up shrubs with aprons and jackets and hats.  Goodness gracious, had we known about that post ahead of time we would have done more than post at the end of it that we were appalled.  Truly, it makes us wonder what Carol will attempt to do in her own garden and we are thankful that she has not tried to dress up any of her own shrubs. 

We are garden fairies and we do not know what we would have done had she dressed a shrub here. We would have probably had to call a big meeting and figure out rules of order for meetings and all that nonsense.  Ol' Rainbow Tanglefly told us some stories about previous times when garden fairies attempted to meet like that and let's just say we decided that since Carol has never, to our knowledge, attempted to cloth any shrubs or other plants here at May Dreams Gardens, we have decided to dispense with any meetings and prepare for winter.

Mostly what we do to prepare for winter is wait for Carol to come out here and prepare the garden for winter. We are garden fairies and feel that doing this is a great contribution to the garden.  Right now, we think Carol is just about done. She was out here yesterday cutting back some perennials. Goodness, you should have seen all the aster seeds that got flung all over the garden when she cut those back. There will be aster seedlings for sure in the spring. 

There is a rumor going around the garden that Carol will be mowing the lawn one last time today before she puts up Christmas lights. We garden fairies must be very careful not to get caught in the lawn for this last mowing because Carol drops the blade down and cuts it short for winter.

We are garden fairies. We'll just lay low, literally, and when the door to the house is open, run in there to spend the winter amongst the houseplants, with our sistern and brethern, the toast fairies, and watch with amusement as the tree fairies climb up into the Christmas tree.

Finally, this post is too long but we garden fairies do not want to leave it without saying that we are thankful indeed for all that we have, and we know Carol is thankful to, and can hardly wait for the big feast tomorrow which she does not have to cook. She just has to eat it.  Because of that she had better mow the lawn to pre-burn some of those calories she will consume.

We are garden fairies!

Submitted by:

Violet Greenpea Maydreams, formerly known as Thorn Goblinfly, chief scribe for the garden fairies and the garden fairy who likes to put rocks along the edges of the raised beds in the Vegetable Garden Cathedral (see picture above).


  1. Violet, do keep a close eye on Carol while y'all are inside for the winter. There's no telling what she might do next.

  2. How nice that Carol has help getting ready for winter. Such as it is. I hope the toast fairies and the tree fairies have a nice reunion planned for you!

  3. She should be thankful for not having to cook and clean and just show up with a relish tray. Sheesh, I don't know how you keep on top of her. Seriously, have a lovely and thankful day.


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