Playing dress up, our thoughts turn to gardening

My sister and I, the sister who does not garden but does a really super job of weeding if she takes a notion to do some weeding, spent some time this morning sorting through old family pictures.  As usual, my thoughts turned to gardening, as they always do.

I had forgotten, until I saw these pictures, that I was apparently not always content to dress up Barbie dolls and baby dolls.

I had to dress up shrubs.
In particular, I dressed up an Alberta spruce, Picea glauca 'Conica'.  Of course, at the time, I did not know the botanical name for this shrub.  I guess I just thought it would be nice to put some clothes on it.

We, assuming my younger sisters might have helped me, though they may disavow any knowledge of doing so, dressed this spruce in multiple outfits.

I especially like this one with the "cone" sticking up above the face. I think we made the face with a paper plate.  

And to cap it all off, we thought to take pictures of our Alberta spruce all dressed up and my mom kept these pictures for all those years. 

Good times. Who needs Barbie dolls and baby dolls to dress up when you have a spruce to dress in the garden?  

(Yes, Dr. Hortfreud has been studying these pictures since they were discovered a few hours ago trying to determine how this childhood activity may have affected Carol in later years, or at least explain a few things.)

(Yes, you might be a gardening geek if as a child you dressed up shrubs instead of dolls.)

(Yes, garden fairies here. We are are appalled.)


Very cute. Isn't it fun to go back and see things we made from our childhood?~~Dee
Anonymous said…
Thanks for owning up to this 'unusual' activity - had you deliberately erased it from your memory, do you think?! We all have childhood incidents that other members of the family delight to remind us of!
Kathy said…
Clearly, plants were your friends, right from the beginning! Do you have any other childhood plant photos?
Layanee said…
So much better than Barbie dolls and much more anatomically correct. I don't remember ever dressing up a shrub with anything other than Christmas lights but then I do not have your imagination either. Kudos to those young girls who though of this.
Helen said…
Very funny and cute. I might not object to the winter wrapping of conifers if they all looked like this.
Rose said…
So funny, Carol! I might have thought you were putting us on about doing this as a child, but the car with the big tailfins in the garage proved these photos to be authentic!

I'm sure Dr. Hortfreud is having a field day with these relevations. I'm not sure I've ever known anyone who dressed up shrubs...but I used to dress up my cats, so I can't say too much:)
Cindy, MCOK said…
This revelation alone could keep Dr Hortfreud occupied for years.
Helen Malandrakis said…
Very cute!
Heidi/IN Woodland Garden said…
ROTFLOL!!! I love it!!!
Gail said…
These photos are treasures! Thank you for sharing~Btw, I would be glad to consult with Dr H on these!