You might be a gardening geek: Black Friday Edition

Clematis integrifolia 'Alba' seed heads on Black Friday
You might be a gardening geek on Black Friday if...

You looked at all the ads that came in the paper and decided not to go out shopping because there were no good deals on gardening tools.

You realized that all those ads could be used outside in the garden to smother weeds.  Bonus points if you also thought of using them to make paper pots for seedlings or shredding them to put in your worm bins.

You briefly thought about going to the local big box hardware stores with garden centers to see if they had any bulbs left over but then remembered, sadly, that there are people who don't garden and they might trample you as you stood there looking at bulbs.  Bonus points if you decided to go later in the day when the crowds were probably all gone.  More bonus points if you decided to go to a real garden center on Black Friday.

You thought that Black Friday would be a good day to get out your copy of Black Plants by Paul Bonine and look at all the black plant options available to gardeners.

You noted on Facebook that you thought Black Friday would be a good day to get rid of excess clothes and clutter in your own house but were aghast when someone mentioned your hoes might be part of the excess. 

You got an email from Botanical Interests that all their seeds are 20% off for the whole weekend and decided to spend part of Black Friday ordering seeds for next year's garden. Bonus points if you looked at your gift-giving list to see who else might like to get seeds for Christmas.

You didn't go to the mall to shop because Black Friday was an extra day off from work and you decided to garden instead.

And finally, you might be a gardening geek on Black Friday if you wrote a post about being a gardener on Black Friday or were a gardener that read a post about being a gardening geek on Black Friday.

Happy Black Friday.  Let the planning for next year's garden begin!


  1. Whether you are a gardener or not those big box stores on Black Friday are a really good place not to be.

  2. You might also be a gardening geek if you spend Black Friday nursing your Thanksgiving Day 90%off-bulb-planting blister. (And toying with the idea of returning to the garden center in hopes that the bulbs are now 95% off.)

  3. I just might have to go outside and plant some bulbs. Gardening Geeks unite.

  4. You might be a gardening geek if you decide to shop your local independent garden center on Black Friday to support them instead of the big box stores!

  5. Sadly we're even bombarded by Black Friday flyers and deals in Canada now, and it's not even a holiday here. I have no interest in frenzy shopping. I'd rather be a gardening geek reading a post about being a gardening geek on Black Friday. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. True, Black Friday flyers are in Canada now, and it's not even a holiday here. The flyers are coated with coloured inks which I don't like to use with plants.

    I'm afraid I did go out on this blustery day to get a last roll of burlap. I hate to use it, but sometimes it is the right thing to do. It was no bargain I assure you.

    All my bulbs are planted though! :)

  7. Say it loud, I'm a Garden Geek & I'm proud!

  8. I failed on all counts, Carol, but lazy gardeners don't usually qualify as garden geeks anyway! I did mist a reindeer topiary my daughter sent me. And got a haircut. Happy Black Friday!

  9. I was a gardener yesterday, all day!

  10. . Garden geek here! I even went to the small locally owned feed store yesterday and spent 20 minutes wandering through their garden supplies considering if I wanted to buy any more bulbs! Yesterday afternoon, knowing we were expecting freezing temps last night, I watered all my plants well, then disconnected and drained all the hoses, putting them away. Best Black Friday EVER!

  11. Another Garden Geek...after two days of collecting yet another round of bulbs, we picked up a new batch at 50% of! Now that's what I call a bargain. Also, we found it so much easier planting bulbs this time of year, with the temperature in the low 50s, in the light of the autumn sun. One of the best Thanksgiving holidays ever.

  12. Heidi/IN Woodland GardenSat Nov 24, 02:08:00 PM 2012

    I'm thrilled, I now qualify as a gardening geek!!

  13. No way would I go out to shop on Black Friday!

  14. I laughed aloud when reading the part about not shopping on Black Friday because there were no good deals on gardening tools. Thanks for a good chuckle.

  15. Oops, I'm a geek! Very amusing post :)


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