Helpful Christmas Tree Related Words

For those who set up Christmas trees each year, I offer the following useful definitions:

Treerangement - Noun. That odd arrangement of furniture that you end up with when you move it around to make room for the Christmas tree.

Treerange - Verb. To move furniture around to make room for the Christmas tree. Example in a sentence, "I treeranged the great room to make room for the tree."

Treeturn - Verb. To return furniture to the room when you realize after setting up the Christmas tree that you had room for it after all.

"Treeeeee!" - Noun. What the tree fairies say when they see you bring a lovely Fraser Fir into the house for Christmas.

Tree Fairy - Noun. A garden fairy who sneaks inside once the Christmas tree is up and takes up residence in the tree. Note, garden/tree fairies only take up residence in real trees. Tree fairies are responsible for ornaments that fall to the floor and Christmas tree lights that mysteriously burn out. In some cases, the tree fairies may cause an entire strand of lights to to not work.  Tree fairies, like all fairies, are generally harmless, but you should play lots of Christmas music for them and put a few extra candy canes on the tree, as this is one of their favorite winter foods. Oh, and leave a few walnuts in a bowl nearby. Tree fairies love walnuts and they need the protein after all that candy.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Even to the garden fairies.
outlawgardener said…
One would imagine that a nice spraying of malathion or diazinon would take care of those mischevious tree fairies and save you lots of money on broken ornaments, wrecked lights, and extra candy canes! Just trying to be helpful.