Garden fairies on garden book fairies

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we have been having fun in the Christmas tree here at May Dreams Gardens. It's a real tree, and we are scampering from branch to branch with the tree fairies and our guests the book fairies.

Book fairies, you ask?  We are garden fairies and we are glad you asked.  We have always welcomed the book fairies here at May Dreams Gardens but the population of them seems to be increasing here by leaps and bounds, correlating, of course, with the number of gardening books that Carol has been buying lately.

The book fairies, as you know, are garden fairies of old who get trapped in old gardening books. Once the garden-book fairies are trapped in an old gardening book, they have to wait and wait and wait and sleep until someone, like Carol, buys the gardening book. Then when Carol opens the gardening book after all those years, any garden-book fairies inside wake up and make their escape.

Oh the stories these book fairies tell.  We garden fairies and tree fairies love spending hours by the fireplace listening to the book fairies talk about their adventures and tales of the old gardens. We are just fascinated to hear about old plants, old gardeners, and old ways of gardening.

We listen for hours, exchanging stories, comparing notes and enjoying some delicious snacks provided by the toast fairies. Some of our new book fairies are over 100 years old.   Good times, all the way around.

Anyway, we are garden fairies, and we would like to pass along this public service announcement on behalf of the book fairies.  Here it is:

"Mind the book fairies when you open up old gardening books."

That it is in a nutshell.  But we are garden fairies so we will also provide the following extra information.

"Please mind the book fairies when you open up old gardening books.  Open the books slowly and turn the pages gently to give the sleeping garden book fairies a chance to gradually wake up and get their bearings. Some of them have been sleeping for over 50 or 100 years and when anyone has been asleep that long they aren't going to just jump up at the first crack of light and yes, it would be helpful if you turned your head for a minute or two to give them a chance to leave quietly without you watching their every move.  Don't worry that the book fairies will be lost and confused. They  will only be confused for a minute or two until a garden fairy finds them and takes them by the hand and shows them the proper hospitality that one should show a book fairy who has been asleep for so long in an old gardening book and then all of a sudden is woken up."

We are garden fairies and as we stated, we have never seen so many book fairies in one place as here lately at May Dreams Gardens.

Good times!

Submitted by:

Violet Greenpea MayDreams, chief scribe for the garden fairies at May Dreams Gardens and chairperson of the "Welcome Book Fairies Committee".


  1. What wonderful information about the book fairies, dear Violet, thank you for that. There are some old gardening books here that might be home to sleeping book fairies. We will tell Frances to open them in low light, slowly, as you suggest, and turn her head. Such fun!

  2. I never thought about book fairies, but of course! So glad, Carol rescued so many of them for their cold winters' nap. That's a long time to sleep. Fairy bones would ache.~~Dee


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