Garden Fairies on Guest Posts

Ajuga 'Dixie Chip'
Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we can no longer remain silent on the issue of guest posts on this blog.

It seems that ever since we started posting on this blog and labeled our posts "guest posts" so that the nice readers would not mistake our posts for Carol's, Carol has been getting all kinds of emails from people she does not know.

These emails usually start out with either "I see that you accept guest posts" or the more hilarious "I am a big fan of your blog and see that you accept guest posts".

We garden fairies don't know whether to take great umbrage about these fans or just laugh hysterically.  We garden fairies have exclusive rights to guest posts on this blog going back to a long-standing agreement that we worked out with Carol in exchange for the return of one of her garden gloves and one bloom on her night-blooming cereus.  

We garden fairies are clearly great negotiators and so we have worked out another deal with Carol.  Because we garden fairies live here at  May Dreams Gardens and clearly are not guests here, we have reached an agreement whereby and forewith without undue announcements or grandiose statements we will no longer label our posts "Guest Post".

Instead we will just say "Garden Fairies on".  This should make it clear  to people like "L" who wrote last night that we do not accept guest posts. I'm sure she will be really disappointed  because she wrote, "I'm a really big fan of your site and noticed you accept guest posts, so I was wondering how I'd go about getting some content up with you?" 

Ha, we are garden fairies and this supposed really big fan is out of luck.  We garden fairies are now also responsible for all guest posts and we have decided that we will not allow them. In fact, we considered that every time Carol gets an email from someone wanting to write one of those "high quality" guest posts, we garden fairies shall post something ourselves.

Wait, we are garden fairies and Carol gets entirely too many such emails about guest posts for us to commit to that number of posts, so we will just say that we are not allowing for any guest posts on this blog. We are garden fairies and that is our position.

We also promise, as garden fairies, that our next post will be about gardening.  And it will be longer than three words. Geez, what was that all about?

Submitted by
Violet Greenpea Maydreams formerly known as Thorn Goblinfly, chief scribe for the garden fairies here at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Dear Violet Greenpea and Garden Fairies,
    I hope this doe not offend you, because no offense is meant, but you are hilarious and I mean this in only the very best way. I agree with your position on this, because that would mean less time and space for your guest, er, garden fairy posts and I would miss them.
    Yours truly,


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