Gardening described in three words

Whether your garden is a potager or a pleasaunce or both, gardening can be described in three words.

Plan. Plant. Primp.

For a longer description, add Ponder. 

If you spend a life time planning, planting, primping and pondering in a garden, you are a gardener.


Layanee said…
Your garden looks just perfectly primped. Memories of perfect grass. I do love grass.
Was that primped or pimped like pimp my ride?~~Dee
Gail said…
Two more words from friend ~Perfect and pimped! Love it!
They look to be working for you. Too often, it's the planning part of gardening that gets derailed, by life, the universe and everything. At least we have the winter in which to start planning again.
Commonweeder said…
I assume pondering encompasses the less alliterative re-thinking. When I was interviewing a major nursery owner in California many years ago he said the motto that year was Review and Renew - especially important in California where nothing ever dies.
Gardenbug said…
I like the pondering part best. Can be done in every season.
bg_garden said…
three words ... is that possible? I usually dig drop and done but your 'p's work too!
Unknown said…
Your garden is beautiful. I can imagine you spend many hours pondering and enjoying your yard. Have you considered a beautiful wind chime delicately singing to you as well?
outlawgardener said…
Thanks for letting me know about the planning, pondering and primping parts. All this time I've just been buying, burying and bitching.
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VP said…
Pondering is Perfect for this time of the year :)