A freshly plowed field for the new year

As Hortocrates once said, "A new year is like a freshly plowed field. Plant it thoughtfully."


Yes Dr. Hortfreud?

"Who is Hortocrates"?

Well, Dr. Hortfreud, Hortocrates is a famous garden philosopher.  I am surprised you haven't heard of her, considering how learned you are. By the way, her name rhymes with Socrates - Hort-a-cra-tease

"I think you made her up, Carol."

I made you up, Dr. Hortfreud.

"Profound, Carol, profound.  Please continue."

I am looking forward to this new year.  I've reached an age where I am not going to wait around when I decide to do something.  And, I have some means to do whatever it is that strikes my fancy.  I am ready for the the year and whatever it brings.

I do think a new year is like a freshly plowed field. Plant it thoughtfully.

Happy New Year to everyone, from all of us at May Dreams Gardens.


Happy New Year to you too Carol. Looking forward to that plowed field.
Anonymous said…
This was very revealing, Carol! Yes, don't wait, do it! Onward.

Gail said…
Happy New Year to you, and the entire populace at May Dreams Gardens! xo
Dee Nash said…
Happy New Year Carol! I hope 2013 finds you healthy and wealthy. You're already wise.~~Dee
Happy n Ew Year! I hope your garden continues to bring you joy!
vic said…
I think you're right about not waiting around when you decide to do something. I remember (sort of) a quote by Bernd Heinrich from A Year in the Main Woods (I think) to the effect that when you decide to do something you should just go ahead and start because if you wait for the "right time" that time never comes. Other things invariably intervene and the impetus is lost.

Cindy, MCOK said…
I will heed the words of Hortcrates as I go forth into this new year!
Rose said…
Hortocrates is so wise; I can't believe we didn't learn about her in school.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, Carol, filled with fertile soil for all your plans!