Garden fairies are appalled

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are appalled.

We cannot believe that there have been no new posts on this blog since Sunday.  Honestly, we garden fairies watched and waited and nothing happened, so here we are, once again, doing the heavy lifting to show that there is someone who cares about what gets posted here.

We garden fairies are also appalled about how Carol started a story in a post called All Aboard and never finished it, leaving readers wondering what happened to Violet Greenpea Maydreams.  Well, we know what happened to her but we are not of a mind to tell readers. We think Carol should be doing that.

We are also appalled at all those people, personas, characters, whatever and whoever they are, who are listed on the Who's Who page of this blog.  Some, in fact most of them, could do more around here to pull their weight like we garden fairies do. We have never worked so hard in all our lives.

But we are garden fairies, we will not complain and go on and on like some we know would and no we are not going to name names like Hortense Hoelove.  No, that is most assuredly, absolutely, unequivocally not our style.  We are more of the "live and let live", "garden and let garden" type. We'll just mind our business and steal your garden gloves or move your tulips when you aren't looking.

We have wondered where Carol has been and what she has been doing that is so gosh darn diddley-do important that she can't write a simple post on this blog.  To figure it out, we've been spying on her, but not in any evil, intrusive way, more in a curious "what is she up to" kind of way and you will never believe it.  Oh, where to begin?

Well, we will begin again another day. Right now it is late and we are garden fairies.  Time to party on.

Submitted by
Violet Sweetpea Maydreams, chief scribe for the garden fairies at May Dreams Gardens, who is obviously okay after disappearing from the train, but it is still a good story to hear about what happened to her and how she was rescued.

P.S. No, those tulips are not blooming now.  It's just nice to have some pretty pictures on a blog post. We are garden fairies. 


  1. Will we hear the story before the tulips bloom? I bet Carol is down another rabbit hole!

  2. Dear Garden Fairies of Maydreams, I believe you are being overworked and underpaid. You should ask for a raise and top billing! Or at least be featured above the constantly growing cast of characters.

    Your Tennessee cousin,
    Fernleaf Gravelgardener

  3. It is so nice of you to have Carol's best interests at heart and help her out like this! I am curious about the end of the All Aboard story and while I do like anticipation I hope we don't have to wait too much longer to hear it!

  4. If Indiana is experiencing what Idaho is, the ground is covered with frozen snow and it is frigid. Iam surprised that the "garden fairies' are not all hibernating, sleeping in the roots of foxgloves and columbines, sheltering under bulbs that are putting out some amazingly strong root growth. Carol, what about agriculture in Indiana next spring? What is streamflow predicted to be?

  5. I like how you think Garden Fairies. We need photos and indoor flowers to get us through winter. You are all so funny, and don't tell the others personas on this blog, but you're my favorites.~~Dee

  6. Pssst... Carol... over here. There are these garden fairies secretly spying on you and writing things on your blog. They say that they won't complain about all their hard work but they whine on about it for paragraphs. I think that the one named Norma Raebell fashoned a sign saying "Union!" You may want to give your garden a nice toxic spray of DDT, Diazinon or something like that before these "harmless" creatures revolt. Just thought you should know:)


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