Underneath all that snow

Underneath all that snow, there lies a garden. 

I call it Plopper's Field because I just plop plants here and there in it, wherever there seems to be a bit of open dirt.  I do try to remember not to put tall plants in front of short plants, and mind where there might be some bulbs planted.

All in all, it turns out fairly nice, if I do say so myself.

In early spring, its a pleasant sort of green.

Later on in late May, there is more in bloom.

In September, it still has some good moments.

Even in a year like last year when we had a terrible drought.

Underneath all that snow, there lies a garden, and I can't wait to see it again.


  1. While you may be thinking about what's underneath the snow, I'm admiring your snow itself. Just look at all that pristine, insulating beauty. The simplicity of black and white, of shape and form has its own appeal. I miss snow.

  2. Like MMD, I believe the snow itself is a thing of beauty, protecting the plopper's field and the rest. It allows moisture as it melts, helping the drought parched beds. We lack such snow and I find it gorgeous.

  3. Its amazing how much life will be there in a few months!

  4. Maybe this weekend we will have our gardens back from the snow. I can't wait either,even if it will be muddy.


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