What? Who?

It occurred to me that from time to time new readers and returning readers might stop by and wonder about various personas and organizations that I have written about here at May Dreams Gardens.

To help them and me, I've posted several pages to attempt to explain things around here, to the extent I can do so.  The newest page, Societies and Clubs, was added last night.

I myself use these pages on occasion to help me remember because I'll admit that it can get a bit confusing when Lois Hortlane shows up to get the big story while Miss Jane Hortaway yells "Chief" and tries to keep her from getting an interview before Gloriosa Vanderhort has styled me and my attorneys, F. Lee Hortley and Fairy Hortson,  have arrived to keep me from saying something that ought not to be said and put in print.

Anyway, if you ever wonder who or what, the answer might be on the pages, linked to on the upper right.

Personally I think the most useful of the pages is the Gardening Secrets but I have noticed a lot of people just stop by to gawk at my hoe collection.


  1. Hi! I love your blog!! I love the sentence about May dreams. How true and I think all gardeners probably have that dream, I know I do! Especially now when my garden is so wet and mushy and I'm wondering if it will ever be pretty again! I also love your five gardening secrets! You said it perfectly!


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