Garden without fear

Some gardeners are afraid of colors like orange.
Fear? There should be no fear in gardening. 

How sad that some people garden with so much fear. Fear of pruning, fear of sowing, fear of digging, fear of not doing the "right thing".

Fear of big gardens, fear of bad color combinations, fear of what the neighbors might think.

Fear not, a plant will grow or it won't. If it doesn't grow, pull it out and you have room for a new plant; if it does grow, you have a lovely plant in your garden.

Fear not, every garden is unique and should reflect back the gardener's love of gardening, whatever that might look like. 

Kick your fear out of the garden. Kick it  to the curb and tell it to not come back.

Then garden without fear.  You'll love the way your garden turns out when it is free of fear.


  1. Fear Not! Let that be the gardener's rally cry!

  2. Great thoughts to take with us into the garden this spring. Fear Not!

  3. Good advice! Now if everyone would embrace it think of the gardens the world would have.

  4. Unlike parenthood, growing plants successfully requires killing a few in the process. Put it in perspective. Go Carol. Leave the gardening fear on the curb.

  5. You are so right!!! Fear has no place in the garden. Gardening is about loving what you're doing, learning new things, trying new things and taking the time to enjoy and appreciate the garden you work so hard to create! Gardening is a stress reliever, so leave your worries and fear behind and get your hands dirty!!

  6. Some folks don't seem to realize you can start small, and they fear not being able to maintain whatever they started. But with just about any new skill, you do start small. So be brave in small things!

  7. Gosh, I make mistakes all the time. It's part of the learning process. I think we all need to take a deep breath and realize plants are living things, and they sometimes die. It's all okay. Great post.~~Dee

  8. I think that fear of failure is a big stumbling block for new or would-be gardeners. And furthermore I think that all these gardening magazines while giving lots of tips for gardening and tutorials also showcase mature gardens, many by professional designers. By doing so they give the novice gardener a false impression of what a garden "should" look like. New gardeners look at them and say to themselves ,"Oh, I could never do all that---pick the right plants, get the colors all coordinated properly, make the beds or boarders all the right size and shape and on and on and they end up abandoning the whole idea of making their own garden as too complicated and too much trouble.

    New gardeners need to get basic information (the Master Gardeners Program is a wonderful starting point) and just go with it and learn as they go and not be put off by the perfection that they see portrayed in gardening magazines. These magazines are wonderful for inspiration but the reality is that you get out there and do it yourself and whatever your garden ends up looking like, in the final analysis, it's always "your" garden.

  9. Fear of the color orange-that must be a uniquely American fear. In most countries of the world people love hot colors!

  10. Ooh,the only thing I fear in the garden is poison ivy! Oh, that and mint! :)

  11. I suppose I am the epitome of the phrase..."fools rush in where angels fear to tread...I have tons of orange...


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