I'm Ready!

A pansy from another spring, in the past
I'm ready!

I have seeds.

I have new gardening gloves.

I have a new hoe.

I have increased my knowledge of gardening, finding tidbits and treasures down winding halls and behind hidden doors in the rabbit hole of old gardening books.

I'm ready for spring.

Where is Spring?

Spring is in the wings, waiting and watching Winter make what we all hope is her last grand stand, a lovely performance featuring a coating of ice, which should melt by mid-day tomorrow, if the weather report is believable.

I'm counting down. I should be planting peas in 23 days, on March 17th. I will be planting pansies as soon as anyone has them for sale.

In the meantime, well done with the ice, Winter. And thank you. We'll take any form of precipitation.

Are you ready for Spring?


  1. Oh soooooo ready, Carol. We are a month earlier than you are, peas are in and a brand new flat of violas was purchased yesterday. Hurry up, Winter, pack your bags and leave!

  2. Love this post....you sound just like me! I am so ready for spring. I have dozens of seed packets ready to be planted. I just need some warmer weather!

  3. My heart is read for spring, but we got ice too. i hear it melted though. Being at a garden show really makes you ready for spring.~~Dee

  4. I'm ready for spring, too, but I feel like it will never get here.

  5. Oh! I am so ready Carol! I'm sick of all this cold! I can't wait to get out there and plant!

  6. Not ready but certainly preparing. I have 42 little tomato seedlings growing under lights and a few more sprouting in ziplocks to replace some that didn't grow the first time. I have seedlings transplanted, coming up, and seeds sown for herbs and flowers. I have seeds in pots in the refrigerator chilling. I have ordered most of my vegetable seeds after spending many hours researching varieties to grow this year. So.... time and anticipation march on.


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