Find your passion

Find your passion and you will find the time.

You'll find the time to read about it and learn as much as possible.

You'll find the time to seek out others who share your same passion.

You'll find the time to share your passion with others.

You'll find the time to indulge in your passion.

And if your passion is gardening, you'll be one of the happiest people on earth, and in earth, with earth all over you.


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Comments are to a blog what flowers are to a garden. Sow your thoughts here and may all your comments multiply as blooms in your garden.

Though there is never enough time to respond to each comment individually these days, please know that I do read and love each one and will try to reciprocate on your blog.

By the way, if you are leaving a comment just so you can include a link to your business site, the garden fairies will find it and compost it!