Spring is not quite awake yet

A "toe" of Spring as it wakes up from slumber
I went out in search of Spring and wildflowers for Wildflower Wednesday and though I didn't find many spring ephemerals in my garden, I found this quote from Truly Rural by Richardson Wright (1922):

"To me Spring is a movement, a mighty surging upward. It isn't coaxed from above, but moved from below. The growing things break upward through the crust of chill earth the way a man gets out of bed on a zero morning — gradually, reluctantly, cover by cover, a toe at a time; not because some one has waked him, but because he has accumulated the necessary refreshment of sleep and is ready to go forth and do the day's work.

That day's work may not be anything very strenuous, and yet it has a purpose. The earliest flowers in the garden are usually small flowers — as if Nature herself were putting out a toe at a time — snowdrops, crocus, and scillas. If these can stand it, then she comes out flat-footed on the cold floor of the earth with hyacinths, narcissus, tulips, and iris pumila. Once up, she shivers into a kimono of leafing trees, washes her face with April rains, does up her hair into delightful flowering shrubs, and sallies forth — the vain old thing! — in a gorgeous creation of peonies and German iris and lush green grass." 

Spring is still in bed here, not quite awake. I suppose after the record high temperatures of spring last year, followed by record drought all summer,  followed by a blizzard the day after Christmas and a big late March snowfall just a few days ago, Spring needs a bit more rest than usual. 

None of us can make Spring hurry; this season has its own timetable, its own slow awakening from a well deserved slumber and we'll have to abide by it. 

In a way though, isn't it nice to know there is nothing we can do but sit and enjoy the show, as Spring climbs slowly out of bed?


  1. I love the thought of Spring in her fine kimono, Carol, perhaps not vain but happy in her garb. Spring flowers small and larger certainly bring happiness to us all.

  2. What a lovely quote!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. I loved "shivers in a kimono of leaves." Isn't that the truth? Spring keeps trying to get out of bed here, but she keeps getting thrown back because of the temperature.~~Dee

  4. Perfect quote for the spring we've had...I do hope it visits you soon...Happy WW xo

  5. Spring will be there soon and then it will be May when your garden is dreamy!

  6. Love that quote... it speaks to my heart. And you're so right, Carol, there is nothing we can do to hurry Spring... but a girl can dream, can't she?

  7. You're so right...we can't hurry spring. She will get here when she's ready. In the meantime we can enjoy our winter/early spring flowers.

  8. I love this quote, Carol! I've often thought that in June or July I probably wouldn't even notice the small flowers of a crocus, but this time of year they are delightful treasures. Being a person who moves pretty slowly early in the morning, I can relate to spring's reluctance to wake up early, too:)


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