A peek into the mind of a gardener

A peek into the mind of a gardener on the first warm hot day of spring.

Gosh it's hot suddenly I didn't notice that the magnolia was budded out like that is that early or is that on time since when does grass grow that fast I really should have mowed the lawn yesterday but who knew it could grow that fast I had forgotten and oh my goodness that henbit is flowering I better pull it before it sets seed  hey are those dandelions in the lawn and what happened to all my crocus blooms they are gone already the forsythia is blooming isn't there something I'm supposed to do when the forsythia bloom I really should cut back those spireas so they'll bush up nice and it might help them recover from the drought geez it is getting kind of dry out here I should water all those violas I planted around the garden hold on violas I'm coming with some water I wonder if those bags of mulch will move themselves from the back patio to the front where I edged the beds maybe I should call someone to edge the backyard beds there are a lot more back there but I sure am glad I finally sowed seeds for lettuce and radishes I wonder if we'll have more frost maybe this will be the year when we have the earliest last frost ever if I knew it was I could plant out the tomatoes except they are still just little seedlings right now this spring seems to be going by awfully fast wow those pink grape hyacinths sure are pretty.

I wish spring wasn't going by so fast it seemed so slow at first but that must have been some illusion because it is going to fast now there is a lot I wanted to do and oh my is it hot out here or what?

And that was a peek into the mind of a gardener...

Tuesday's high was around 80F.

Fridays' high will be around 49F.


  1. I had to laugh. Here, we are wondering why we set out the annuals so soon. Bwwahh.~~Dee

  2. Spring and summer are already coexisting in the garden and on the thermometer down here on my corner of Katy. 88 degrees in April makes me grumpy.

  3. It sounds as if your garden is moving along nicely. Do you think it could shout over the pond to give my garden a nudge in the right direction please!

  4. Boy, is this right on the mark!! I just loved this post....you have such a great sense of humor! I could so identify with this!!!

  5. i know exactly what you mean!
    Last week it was too cold to do much outdoors, and today it is too hot! But colder termperatures are in the forecast along with heavy thunderstorms for tomorrow.
    The County Extension Service says our last expected frost date is April 20 - I can't wait that long! I'm going to start palnting the vegetable garden, and cover the plants when necessary.
    Happy Gardening!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. And all in one breath. :-) We up here in the Northwest were thrilled with a few dry days and the highs hitting 70! What happened to the crocus blooms indeed?! There's so much to do and already it feels like it's racing by. At least I finally got my sugar snap peas and my lettuces in.

  7. Yes, it's crazy Indiana weather. I have so much to do, ad it's all swirling in my mind. I did manage to cut back my butterfly bush, yesterday.

  8. wet and cold with early spring blooms still around...spring is crawling here.


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