Portkey in the garden

This is not a portkey

Garden idea number 5,439...

I think I will add a portkey to my garden.

A portkey, as fans of the Harry Potter books and movies know, is an ordinary object that is enchanted so that when someone touches it, it transports them to another place.

I need to decide first what the ordinary object will be. 

Should my portkey be a boot?  A bowl?  A basket?  

Next I need to decide where the portkey will transport me to.

I think my portkey will transport me to England, perhaps to one of the great flower shows like Chelsea or Hampton Court.  Or may be it will take me to a famous garden or a dozen famous gardens in England?

Finally, I need to get my story straight so that when someone visits my garden and asks about the portkey, I'll be able to explain it, and then I will forbid them to touch it.

I hope one day my portkey, or some other travel method, like maybe a plane, will transport me to England.  A gardener's dream...


  1. I don't know what the portkey should be, but obviously the destination should be the Month of May!
    Happy Gardening!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. What a brilliant Idea, I'm sure I'll be able to add a portkey or two into the garden. When I first read the title I thought I was reading it wrong, and that I just have Potter on my mind, but then I saw that it was on your mind too.

    I think a kettle, or a watering can, or even something different like an old wagon wheel, would make a brilliant portkey, and the Kettle and Watering Can could easily have some plants added if you want to

  3. The portkey sounds interesting, but I really like that lady gardener decoration. It looks so happy!

  4. I like the lady, too! I'll have to think about the portkey for my garden. What a great idea!

  5. I'd be very surprised if the portkey transported you anywhere other than your favorite North Carolina garden!

  6. If only your portkey is so magical and making the same will repeat its magic, i will also make mine. Maybe we should see each other in England, but i will first be going to Kew Gardens, then to the gardens you mentioned. But i will also visit the famous gardens in the US and some gardens of my blogger friends also in Scotland. Don't you think we should have the magic carpet instead?


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