Garden Fairies provide a garden update

Clematis 'Pagoda'
Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are providing a garden update today.  You know what it means when we take over this blog and provide an update, don't you?

It means that there are things going on around here that Carol won't write about and so we garden fairies have to take it upon ourselves to interrupt our important parties, celebrations, festivals, jubilees, teas, and revelries to provide updates that otherwise would not see the light of day.

We will start with something pretty, like Clematis 'Pagoda', before we commence with some important updates.  Yes, Carol is still smitten with Clematis of all kinds which suits us garden fairies just fine as we love these flowers, too.  Ol' Tangle Rainbowfly, who more or less knows the whole history of this place, says he has never seen such a tangle of pretty flowers as this tangle of clematis.  Woo-wee, that really says something about these flowers.

Out in the front garden, Ol' Tangle rubbed his head when he saw the crabapple tree and tried to recall a time when he saw actual crabapples on this crabapple tree out front.
When Carol saw all these crabapples on the crabapple tree we heard her say, "Well, I'll be a pea picking pillywiggin!  Where did all those little apples come from?"  This means that she has never seen a crabapple on this tree, either, in the nearly 16 years that it has been growing here at May Dreams Gardens.

Either we all are nuts, including Carol, or this is the first time this crabapple tree has had crabapples on it.  Wonder what happened? And no, we do not need Dr. Hortfreud to give us an opinion on the question of nuts.

We are garden fairies, and we cannot wonder too long as there are other events that took place here in this garden that ought to be shared.

Yesterday, Carol came out into the garden and she was carrying a new tool that scared us nearly half to death.  Sweetpea Morningdew is still recovering from the shock of it all. She gets the vapors so easily, it seems.

Carol bought herself a Sneeboer Wrotter.
Look at the point on that tool.  Look at this two wing thingies.  Even Granny Gus McGarden, who says she's seen it all when it comes to garden tools and garden fools, had never seen anything like this tool.  Carol seems to like it, but honestly, we are garden fairies, and can you imagine if we were asleep under a big ol' weed and Carol came along and poked this thing down into the ground around the roots of that weed? Why, it sends shivers down our spines to think of it.

We are garden fairies and we are going to run for cover when we see Carol come out here with her Wrotter.  Yes, we are.  It scares us, but like we said, she seems to like it.

We will say this, there are certainly plenty of weeds around here to keep Carol and her new Wrotter tool busy for days on end.  We garden fairies like to say that a weed grows wherever a raindrop falls.  We should know, we are busy running around casting weed seeds in the rain. It makes 'em grow better.

Now, don't tell Carol that we garden fairies have anything to do with weeds. She thinks they come from wind blown seeds or are from seeds dropped by the birds when they do you-know-what while sitting in the trees and shrubs.  She must never be told that we garden fairies have anything to do with weeds or she might come after us with that Wrotter.

Shudder to think. Let's not talk about it anymore. We are garden fairies and we want to think only pleasant thoughts.

Goodness gazanias, how time gets on. We did not even get to tell you about what Carol did yesterday that has us all up in arms.  We are garden fairies, we will tell that story another day.

Submitted by:
Violet Sweetpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and Weed Sower at May Dreams Gardens


Come back!! You can't drop hints like that and leave!!
Cindy, MCOK said…
You garden fairies are such teases!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the report and update, garden fairies. It sounds like you have had a busy spring!
Annie in Austin said…
Hi Carol AKA Pea Picking Pillywiggin,

It's intriguing that your crabapple has unexpectedly set fruit. Crabapples are planted to pollinate regular apples - so maybe they also need a pollinator? I wonder one of your neighbors has added one of those pretty flowering trees to their garden.

That Wrotter does look scary!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Anonymous said…
Seems like you have had a busy spring! Keep them blooming..
Rose said…
I've always wondered if any of your relatives lived near me, but you've finally given me proof, Violet. Judging by all the weeds growing in my garden, I must have a thriving metropolis of fairies here! Don't worry, though, I don't have a Wrotter, so your cousins are safe.

I don't know the scientific reason for the crabapples appearing either, but it has to be a good sign.
Anonymous said…
Just as long as they are GOOD garden fairies, I'd let them stay!