New Hoe! The Broot Garden Weeder

Want to see my new hoe?

It's called the Broot Garden Weeder and it is a brute of a hoe.

It's sturdy, strong, and sharp.

It even has a warning on the label to keep it away from little kids who might not realize that the blade is sharp.

It is made like a stirrup hoe so it works in both directions. Push it forward to cut off some of your big, tough weeds.  Pull it back through the soil to cut through regular weeds.

Like most open hoes, it doesn't move all the dirt around. It cuts through it as it cuts off the weeds.

On their website, BT Legacy, LLC shows a version where the hoe head is two pieces bolted together.  The one they sent me is one sturdy piece bolted to the oak handle.

I used this hoe to clear out a bed that had some thistle, dandelions and other assorted weeds in it, and it did a good job of cutting them off.  The pointed head adds to the hoe's strength in cutting off bigger weeds.

It's a big hoe that can handle big jobs in the garden.

I'm pleased to add it to my hoe collection. However, it won't be just hanging in the garage with some of the other hoes.  This hoe is going to be put to work here at May Dreams Gardens.

The Broot Garden Weeder

Many thanks to the entrepreneurs at BT Legacy LLC  in Idaho for sending the Broot Garden Weeder for me to try out and add to my hoe collection. They had no influence over this post, my words, the timing of the post, the number of links I provided, etc. They just thought I ought to have this fine hoe.


  1. I bought a stirrup hoe this spring & have found it quite useful. I'm betting the point on the Broot makes it even more effective.

  2. Okay, now I gotta buy myself one. That my friend is a cool hoe.~~Dee

  3. Do your weeds yell, which hoe is after us today! That's one impressive version!

  4. I may have to get one! It sure looks handy.

  5. Ooo, nice! That looks one like a workhorse! Do they need any other gardeners to test out some tools? I volunteer! ;)


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