Waiting for fireflies

Evening in the garden
She sat in her garden for the first time this season even though there were millions of weeds to pull. She challenged herself to sit quietly until she saw a firefly.

Once challenged, she would not back down.  So she sat for a long time, quietly surveying her garden, feeling the breezes, watching the birds, breathing in the breath of her garden.

Then she saw a firefly and went inside for the evening, leaving the garden for their enjoyment.

In the meantime, the weeds continued to grow, but so did the flowers. 



Unknown said…
Carol, thank you for the reminder that we all need to find the time, some times, to just be in the garden, and let the garden be.
Being from the West coast I am still amazed when I see a firefly. I saw my first ones of the year last night. They are so amazing. You are so right that sometimes you just need to take time to enjoy the garden and it's visitors. The weeds (and flowers) will still be there tomorrow!
CommonWeeder said…
A beautiful meditation. We have weeds and flowers this June, but no fireflies yet. Only rain. And more rain.
ProfessorRoush said…
Well-expressed, Carol. I made myself sit in my garden for at least 30 seconds the other night for the first time this year. It was little enough, but worth every second.
Erin Kaine said…
My son has been on the search for these bright little bugs all week.
I am glad to hear you took time to enjoy your garden Carol. You work so hard you deserve this time of respite. I am happy you were rewarded with a firefly twinkling in your garden.
Donna said…
Saw the fireflies finally last night and boy are those weeds growing...more rain today. Up to 7 inches so far this June.
Andrea said…
hehehe, i guess the firefly has a message to her, and may we know what these messages are?
Kylee Baumle said…
Fireflies, Carol? You're from the Midwest and you call them fireflies? They're lightning bugs! (Just giving you a hard time.)
Covegirl said…
I live in the Midwest, but grew up in Northern West Virginia. They will always be lightning bugs to me! I love them!
spurge said…
The only bugs in my garden in the evening are mosquitoes! I'll have to watch from the window.

When I was a kid I loved to watch lightning bugs. I remember thinking fireflies were some exotic mythical insect, like dragonflies but glowing with fire. Imagine my disappointment when I found out the truth!
I was not able to leave a comment on your bloom day post, but didn't think I was going to be able to here, either, until I randomly pushed some keys to see if anything would show up on the blank form that came up, and here popped up the comment box.

I enjoyed this post. I call them lightning bugs, too. There is even a musical group by that name in my town.

I like your bell shaped clematis flowers. I have some that are similar. I like that you included your tomato blooms. I took a number of photos of mine, but none turned out clear enough to post.
Oh, and I forgot to say that a few days ago, I was in my front yard, and saw a huge bumble bee. My first thought was to run in for my camera, but I decided to just sit down and watch it. It was going in and out of different penstemon blooms. It got within about 8 inches of me, and I just sat there and enjoyed it. A couple times a flower would fall off, and I had to laugh inside as the bee backed up, then went to another bloom. It's good for us to take the time to just be out there.