Corn Pollination: A One Act Play

Corn Pollination
A One Act Play
Carol M.

Cast of Characters

Corn…………………………....….A sweet corn stalk
Tassel……………………………….A simple tassel at the top of a corn stalk
Silk………………………………… The silk on an ear of corn
Bee………………………………… A simple honeybee
Wind………………………………..A gentle summer breeze

TIME: Summer
SETTING: A garden


(We see a patch of sweet corn growing in a garden)


Look at me, I am a corn plant. I swear, I grow an inch or more a day. I sure want to be knee high be the Fourth of July. In fact, with this good weather and this good dirt, I bet I can be thigh high by the Fourth of July. I just need to concentrate on growing.

(Light fades and a tiny bunny scurries across the stage to show the passage of time)


(The corn is now tall and has a tassel on top and a tiny ear with silk forming.)


Wow. I sure am tall and look what I have on top. Tassels!


You should see the view from up here. It is marvelous. I can see over the fence. I can see the sky. I can see birds flying around.


Down here I can’t see nothing. Why am I even here?

(Light fades and another bunny hops across the sage.)


(The lights come back up in the garden, and we see the Corn just as tall as ever.)


Hey, guess what I just figured out, Tassel.


Tell me, Corn, what did you just figure out?


I just figured out that you have pollen, Tassel, and if you send some pollen down to Silk, she’ll grow a great big ear of sweet corn and that’s what’s supposed to happen.


Yes! That’s what I need. I need some pollen. Send some pollen down here, Tassel.


Um, I don’t know how to do that. Do we need bees?

(Just then a bee flies by)


You don’t need us bees, Tassel. You need the wind!

(Light fades again.)


(The lights come back up and we see the Corn swaying in a cool summer breeze.)


Oh, this swaying. I feel kind of sick.


You feel sick? You ought to be up here. I’m losing all my pollen in this wind. I can’t hold onto it any longer.


Yes, I’m sending the pollen down to the silk.


Weeeee. I’m pollinated. Oh, this is awesome. I am going to be the best ear of sweet corn ever. Keep sending that pollen, Wind!

(Light gradually fades as the corn continues to sway in the breeze .)


And that’s how corn is pollinated.


  1. I notice the ear of corn never made an appearance. He gets eaten at the end, so that would make this play a tragedy--for the corn. Not for the gardener, of course.

  2. So simply explained, but I am going to have to look at before the ear corn plants more closely to see that the tassel and silk are already there. The things I never think of.

  3. Clapping. Corn is a class act. ~~Dee

  4. I have never grown corn, but love to eat it!

  5. Ahem! You forgot to mention that this is an adults only post.......


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