Garden fairies talk about gardening gloves

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are compelled, once again, to post on this blog.  We seem to be so compelled always at the end of a weekend.

Why is that? Well, we are garden fairies and let us tell you that after a weekend of watching Carol in and out of the garden, we can come up with about one hundred zillion topics for this blog.

Where to begin? Well, first off let us tell you  everything we write here is absolutely true.  The right reverend Hortus Augustus McGarden, whom we all call just Ha, makes sure of that.  At least he tries to make sure but he is terribly busy working on the last rites for everything in the compost bins so Ol' Tangle Rainbowfly may have slipped in an exaggeration or two when Ha was busy and wasn't listening.

Anyway, one funny thing that happened is that sometime midweek, Carol dropped a gardening glove on the grass over to the side of the house and never even noticed it. Well, we are garden fairies and we watched over that glove all the rest of the week and into the weekend.   We thought she was never going to go that way again and see that glove.

We just hoped she didn't blame us, again, for her missing gardening glove whenever she did figure out it was missing. We are garden fairies and we don't take her gardening gloves and hide them as often as she claims we do.

Anyway, on Saturday, Carol started mowing the lawn and we thought at last she'd find her missing gardening glove and Sweetpea Morningdew could stop fussing and worrying over it, but then a big storm blew in and Carol had to stop mowing before she got to the backyard so there that gardening glove lay on the grass getting just soaked with rain water.

Finally, Carol came out on Sunday to mow the backyard.  She started up the mower, opened up the garden gate and began to push the mower forward and we thought oh no, she doesn't see that gardening glove. She's going to run over it.  Sweetpea Morningdew, who was still over there watching it, shuddered at the thought of gardening glove pieces going everywhere and what a mess that would be for someone to clean up.

Well, just then, Carol stopped and peered ahead and we heard her say, "Is that a dead bird?"  A dead bird!? We are garden fairies and let us tell you that if you mistake your old gardening glove for a dead bird then you need new gardening gloves. Or new glasses. Or to wear your glasses. Or something.

We garden fairies laughed when we saw Carol  slowly creep toward that glove and then lean down and see that it was her ol' gardening glove.

Oh my, good times here at May Dreams Gardens. Good times indeed, especially for us garden fairies. 

Submitted by:
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens

Carol's Epilogue:

That gardening glove did look like a dead bird from a distance. I didn't notice it was missing because I have more than one pair of gardening gloves. Though I try to keep the gloves together, I have a few pairs of gloves in a basket by the back door, many pairs in a basket in the garage, and some in a drawer in the sun room.  I also suspect there are some gardening gloves near the bottom of the compost heap, but I'll let the garden fairy Hortus Augustus McGarden worry about those gloves. Ha!


  1. Can your garden fairies tell us whatis happening to all the garden gnomes?(mine aren't talkin'!)They seem to be an endangered species! Love your blog.

  2. It is always good to be cautious if one thinks one sees a dead bird in the garden.

  3. Wonderful blog. I love your Garden Fairies. I suspect a garden fairy was how the new garden gloves appeared on my doorstep today. They don't leave calling cards for sure.

  4. Those blasted gardening gloves that so mysteriously disappear. I can't keep up with them either. Hello Fairies btw. Waving from Oklahoma.~~Dee

  5. Yours are good faeries, but mine should be permanently on the naughty step and they hide things from me FOREVER especially garden twine and trowels !!


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