Meet me where the clover grows

Meet me where the clover grows, and I'll take you to a place and time when kids happily spent hours looking through the clover patches, hunting for the elusive four-leaf clover.

I'll show you how kids spent an entire evening picking the flowers and carefully tying them together to make bracelets and necklaces and hoping to set a record by making the longest clover chain possible.

Meet where the clover grows and all around us we'll listen to the symphony of a garden, where the orchestra includes cicadas and crickets, birds and bees.

We'll reminisce about a time when a day seemed twice as long as days today, and when sunsets seemed to take their time pulling the sun below the horizon.    We'll see ourselves as kids again, thinking only as far ahead as a few days when school would start, wondering who our teachers would be and what we might wear on that first day.

Meet where the clover grows, and I'll show you the greenest part of the lawn.

Yes, the only spot in my lawn that is truly green right now is where the clover grows.  It's a magical spot, full of memories.  I want more of this for my lawn. I'm going to buy a bag of clover seed for my lawn.  Don't talk me out of it.  Don't tell me I'll regret it.

I want to always have a patch of clover in my lawn. Meet me there, where the clover grows.


  1. Have a happy end summer, days in garden, greeting from Belgium

  2. I grew up with a clover lawn, too. It was considered normal. I have a much greater mix of plants in my lawn. But then, I don't have an HOA breathing down my neck, telling me what I can and can't do, or plant.

  3. The walking paths of the lawn/meadow here are nearly solid clover. Green it is. Good luck to you and may you find many four leafs in your spot of green, and make the longest chain!

  4. I do remember those clover lawns. sigh!

  5. Ahhhh,yes! I remember hunting for 4-leaf clovers as a child. And I, too, have a clover lawn. Plant your clover seed and enjoy (yes, it's always green). And, BTW, I've noticed that the bunnies love clover, so if you have plenty of it perhaps they'll leave the rest of the garden alone? ...perhaps!

    1. You are quite right about the rabbits. I have a resident rabbit in my yard. We see each other almost daily and I always greet him with a friendly hello. He is happy to munch the abundant clover and other non-grasses in my lawn. He rarely touches my garden plants so I never chase him out. He lives here too, just as I do. Clover is a wonderful thing to have.

  6. This is a sweet post to me. I remember all of these things. This summer my MIL turned 92. We were celebrating outside. I saw a patch of clover and made her a necklace and bracelet out of clover blossoms. I mean what else do you get for someone that age?? She had in all her years never heard of such an activity and appreciated my efforts.

  7. I too, have a clover lawn. And violets and crabgrass, too. Hey, it's all green, so who cares? No chemicals, no worries. Just like a lawn should be.

  8. We have an acre, so no "perfect" lawn for us! Plenty of clover, some dandelions, crabgrass, and numerous other things. Clover is good for the lawn, too, with its nitrogen-fixing properties!

  9. That was sweet...I plant clover every couple of years, it feeds the bunnies.

  10. I love this. Took me right back to being a kid. Sigh

  11. This sounds so much like my childhood! Clover gives life and personality to a lawn :)

  12. This brought back lots of sweet memories, Carol--thanks!


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