Garden Fairies On the Eve of Labor Day Weekend

Goldenrod begins to bloom.
Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we have once again come here to this blog to tell the truth about this garden and what is really going on here.

Well, we can tell you that we have had virtually no rain for a month and Carol has not once attempted to water any of the flowers in the back gardens.

Oh sure, she stood there and watered the Carolina Silverbell tree one evening, but that's because it was starting to lose a few leaves and anyone could see it needed water.

Nor has Carol done as much weeding as we would like.  The lack of watering and the lack of weeding have combined to leave the garden in a bit of a mess right now.

However, we are garden fairies and we are hopeful on this eve of Labor Day weekend that Carol will use the extra day off to work in the garden and set the stage for a beautiful fall.  After all, this garden isn't done yet. Not by a long shot.

If Carol would just weed a bit, water a few dry areas, and maybe deadhead a few spent blooms, this garden would be all spiffy again and ready to provide delight and joy, yes, we are garden fairies, we wrote delight and joy, for several more months.

All it would take is just a little bit of time to weed, water, and deadhead. Did we mention that? We know Carol will be out here.  We are garden fairies and we have faith in her. Why, we do not know. But we do.  We are like that.

Yep, we are garden fairies. We are confident. We just know Labor Day was made for gardening.  We are ready for Carol to come out here and make things right.

If she doesn't, well, we are garden fairies and we can and are able to defend a garden, and if that's what we need to do, that's what we'll do. This is not a threat.  We are garden fairies, we don't threaten. We act.  We do.

Submitted by:
Violet GreenPea MayDreams, Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens


  1. I hope Carol takes your advice to heart! What's an extra day off for if not to spend in the garden?

  2. Depends on how hot it is. You garden fairies might want to take a nap and let Carol have one too. The weeds will be there when she wakes up!

  3. I like what Lost Roses has to say.~~Dee

  4. Hey Garden Fairies!
    If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem - get busy!

  5. Oh this post just made me smile! How unfair of the garden fairies to be so mean. Surely there was good reason for not watering & weeding! ;-) What a delightful read! Dana


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