Surprise Lilies and Surprise Announcements

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we have taken it upon ourselves to wipe out everything Carol just wrote about the surprise lilies, Lycoris squamigera, because it was all so boringggggg.

We garden fairies do not like boring posts whatsoever. In fact, we gave what Carol wrote six G's out of a scale of five G's because it was beyond anything we could imagine when it comes to boring.

She wrote another post about surprise lilies back in the spring of 2010. If you want to know about growing these lilies, we suggest you go read that and then come back because we are garden fairies and we are going to announce something big here.

Are you back? We don't want to waste our time if you haven't returned from reading that other post.

We are  now going to turn this post over to Granny Gus McGarden  for the big news.

Granny Gus McGarden here. As you know, my son, the right reverened Hortus Augustus McGarden, and I are  in charge of the vegetable garden.  In particular, dear Hortus takes care of the compost bins.

Well, the other day, he was over tending to the compost bins and decided to walk around to the backside by the fence where there is just about a foot between the bin and the fence.   He rounded that corner and nearly fell into a gigantic hole. It was close. He was teetering on the edge of it for just a second but managed to regain his balance in the nick of time.

I heard him a-hollerin' to come look-see, so I dropped the paint brush I was using to turn all the red raspberries  from green to red at the other end of the garden and headed over to see what was what.

Sure enough, there was and still is a big hole dug by someone or something behind the compost bin.  We feel certain Carol saw this big hole and we are now waiting to see what she does about it.

And that is our big announcement. Please excuse me now. I need to go back and tend to those red raspberries.  They don't turn red on their own, you know?

Thank you, Granny Gus, for that important announcement. We shall all watch and wait to see what comes out of that hole.  In the meantime, we will enjoy the surprise lilies and celebrate their arrival with a surprise party. Shhh... don't tell them!

Submitted by
Violet Greenpea Maydreams,  Chief Scribe and Head Raspberry Taster at May Dreams Gardens


  1. A toad would be nice. I hope it is not yellow jackets!

  2. Woodchucks! I know they're God's creatures but they're also tresspassers and thieves!

  3. Granny, Be careful about that hole--you never know what kind of monster might emerge from it! It might be a vole, who as far as I know won't disturb you, but you might want to keep one eye on it while you are busy painting.

    I wish the fairies here would get busy and paint more of the tomatoes--my husband is getting impatient!

  4. It's really freaky when the holes are 'under' your plants and you go out one day and the plant is part way down it. Happens here on a regular basis. Tired of those hole diggers...learning to live with them, but if you find any solutions I'm open for suggestions ;)

  5. Hello Garden Fairies
    I don't want to alarm you, but you do realize that Carol has been reading murder mysteries, don't you? And you know the poor victim is buried in the garden in all those stories. You don't suppose that Carol is planning.... No, too awful to think that!
    Put that thought out of your minds!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. Toad in the hole. That's what I got in the one that showed up in my garden. Incidentally a great British dinner! My kids always loved it.


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