Secret Diary of a Garden Fairy - Excerpts

Garden Fairy Book
To catch everyone up, a few days ago I discovered the diary of a garden fairy.   Excuse me. It was actually titled Secret Diary of a Garden Fairy.

I looked for clues to determine whose diary it was and found written in the inside, "This garden diary belongs to Violet Greenpea MayDreams. All others keep out."

I assumed "all others" meant "all other garden fairies", so I began to read through it.  I'm not finished yet but here are a few excerpts.

Sometime in late summer...  "Dear Diary,  All seems quiet in the garden these days, and nights.  Well, all quiet except in the vegetable garden where Granny Gus McGarden has been up in arms over the state of the paths between the garden beds.  They were so weedy! She just didn't know what to do. Then one day Carol showed up with a cordless electric weed whacker thing and whacked all the weeds down. Granny has settled down since then but is a might worried about more weeds next spring."

Some other time in late summer... Dear Diary, We are all parched for a bit of rain.  Sweetpea MorningGlory said she was going to figure out how to turn on the faucet up by the house if Carol doesn't come out here and water."

Later just a few days before I found the diary... Dear Diary, I'm so excited that the asters are starting to bloom. I need a new skirt because this one made out of coneflower petals is just about shot for the season. When I get a new skirt made out of aster petals, I like to go around to the other garden fairies and say, "Does my aster look too big?"  Always good for a laugh.

Oh, and then there was this one... Dear Diary, Brrrr, it's starting to get colder at night. This means it is time for us garden fairies to make our way toward the house.  We need to escape to the inside where we'll spend the winter.  Most of us will gather in the sunroom, except when Carol puts up that tree with all the lights. 

Then there was this one... Dear Diary, I was chased by a rabbit today!  I stayed out too late in the morning one day and wouldn't you know it, as I was crossing the big green sea of grass, a rabbit saw me and gave chase. I'd been out all night helping to coax some toad lilies into bloom - there are a couple of tricks to it, so it isn't as easy as it sounds - and was in no mood to be chased. But I got away. I knew I would. 

But the most shocking entry of all...

To be continued...


  1. I am breathless. I hope she didn't meet up with a hornworm. But it's too late in the season for that.

  2. What a find, Carol. I hope Violet is pleased, or at least okay with you sharing her private diary.


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