Secret Diary of a Garden Fairy - Shocking Excerpts

Now, where were we? Oh, yes, I remember.

A week or so  ago, I discovered the Secret Diary of a Garden Fairy  on the lawn, out in the open where anyone might pick it up.

I ignored the usual "do not read" blah-blah-blah warnings and read through quite a bit of, sharing some of the excerpts from the diary several days ago in a blog post.

There are so many excerpts to read. This diary must be over one hundred years old.

One of the entries was about some alyssum growing up through  a crack in the patio.  "Dear Diary, I think if a tiny itty-bitty alyssum seed manages to germinate in a crack in the patio, everyone ought to let it grow.  I think the gardener here agrees with me on that because she has done nothing to pull this one out, even though it is right where she sees it whenever she comes out here."

I began to think the diary was just going to be a mix of minutia and musings from a garden fairy when I found this entry.  "Dear Diary, I, Violet Greenpea Maydreams, have been asked to write a foreword for an actual book that people can buy.  This has never happened to a garden fairy as far as anyone in the garden fairy world knows. The book, Miniature Gardens: Design & Create Miniature Fairy Gardens, Dish Gardens, Terrariums and More-Indoors and Out by Katie Elzer-Peters (Cool Springs Press, March 15, 2014) doesn't come out until early next spring, but when it does come out it will have a foreword written by me, a garden fairy. I can hardly wait."

Ah ha! I thought. That's why Violet the garden fairy left her secret diary out in the open. She wanted me to find it, wanted me to read it, wanted me to find out she had written a foreword for a book and wanted me to share her big news with everyone by blogging about it.

I have no idea why she just didn't take over my blog and post this herself.  Regardless, I have fallen for her tricks and shared her big news.  I imagine that she is outside now, in a brand new aster petal skirt, wondering if I've shared her good news with everyone.

I'll bet she chose to make her skirt out of these asters, which are now covered with bees and butterflies.

I continued to read the diary, enjoying entry after entry. There is a lot there. Finally I found this entry;  "Dear Diary, I sure hope that if anyone ever finds my diary, they return it by leaving it at the base of the honeylocust tree. I would hate for it to get into the wrong hands."

I would also hate to see this diary in the wrong hands, so I took it outside earlier this evening and left it at the base of the honeylocust tree.

I hope Violet finds it later tonight, and I hope that someday she'll decide to leave it out for me again.  If she does, I'll read a few excerpts and share the best of them here on my blog.

The End... For Now


  1. How exciting for Violet, and how kind of you to return it to the designated tree, Carol. That book by Katie sounds like one I would enjoy very much, including the foreward!

  2. I've always enjoyed hearing from your garden fairies, Carol, so even the "minutia" was interesting. But Violet's big news is certainly exciting, and I'm glad she had you to share it with everyone. I'm looking forward to finding this book when it comes out!


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