Summer wanes and fall waxes

August Dreams Border in bloom in early September
There's still many a grand display left in this garden, even as summer wanes and fall waxes.

Here Solidago shortti, 'Solar Cascade' blooms with Boltonia asteroides 'Snowbank' in the August Dreams garden border, just as planned.

It's like flower fireworks, right in my own garden.

I will enjoy it while I can.  After all, summer wanes and fall waxes.


  1. I love the words and the image, Carol. Pure poetry!

  2. Nice combination!

  3. Summer is coming on stronger than ever here. I would like for it to wane!

  4. Boltonia and sweet autumn clematis are the stars of my garden right now.

  5. I love the late summer shadows and blooms. The picture is lovely.

  6. I've got a bit of solidago growing in a clump of Achillea 'The Pearl" so a similar show of fireworks, but not one I planned.

  7. Love how the solidago picks up the golden eye of the boltonia. Wonderful.

  8. What a beautiful image, Carol!

    I wouldn't mind summer waning just a little more--it's supposed to be hot, hot, hot once again this week.


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