More entries from the Secret Diary of a Garden Fairy

A lone Colchicum
Now where were we?

Oh yes, I was recalling how I had found the Secret Dairy of a Garden Fairy, returned it, and then found it again a few days later.

Those fairies seem to leave the diary out where I can find it whenever they want me to read something in it.

A few excerpts:

Dear Diary,
I am so embarrassed that Carol only has two Colchicum blooms in her fall garden.  Two!  One plus one! That's it! We keep hearing tales of a garden in upstate New York that is full of Colchicum blooms.The gardener there has posted many times about all the Colchicum blooms.  If it wasn't so far from here, some of the garden fairies would just pack up and go there, at least for the fall. 

I feel like writing a note in the margin of the diary that I just ordered 18 Colchicum bulbs. I hope they arrive soon as it is getting late to plant them, but I want to plant them in the garden border called Bird's Blanket, under the honeylocust tree. 
Bird's Blanket Garden Border - mid-fall
They will add some nice color to this border.

Dear Diary,
We garden fairies have been having a simply marvelously fun day. Ol' Tangle Rainbowfly has been teaching some of the younger garden fairies how to leaf surf.  They all climb up a tree that looks like it has leaves about ready to drop and then quick jump on a leaf right before it separates from the tree so they can free float on the leaf, surf, as it falls to the ground. It takes some practice and skill and a good eye to know when a leaf will fall. Right now just about the only leaves  falling are on the honeylocust tree, so it takes even nore skill because those are tiny leaflets.

Leaf surfing?  Garden fairies leaf surf? Who knew? I will now and forever more watch for garden fairies on the leaves as they float to the ground in the fall.

And the latest entry:

Dear Diary,
I've been spending the day making some big plans for the wintertime. Most of us garden fairies will be spending the winter inside Carol's house. We are planning all kinds of mischief, I mean special projects.  Everyone is in on it - the tree fairies, the toast fairies, all the garden fairies, everyone. It's going to be quite a winter for Carol.

What? This concerns me a bit, a lot. What in the world is going to happen inside my house this winter, that involves the garden fairies, and tree fairies and toast fairies?

I think it is time to close this Secret Diary of a Garden Fairy and place it back carefully at the base of the honeylocust tree so the garden fairies can find it.

I hope it shows up again soon with more diary entries about their plans for me this winter. In the meantime, I can only guess at what they have planned... and those guesses scare me.


  1. Wow! 18! I never have bought so many at once. I hope they all bloom for you next year. You will do just about anything to keep those fairies happy, eh?

  2. Leaf surfing. Sounds like the most fun to me. I will be watching for the leaf surfing fairies here at Greenbow.

  3. I didn't even know there was such a creature as toast fairies...that explains a lot:) Thanks for sharing these entries, Carol--now I'll pay more attention to those leaves as they fall!


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