The World's Shortest Fall Garden To Do List

I am pleased to present the World's Shortest Fall Garden To Do List.

It's really rather simple. 

Leave the garden in the fall how you want to find it in the spring. 

That's it. Just do that and all will be good by spring.

In my little gardening world, doing that one "to do" item involves a little weeding, raking, mowing, planting, compost harvesting, putting away, mulching, protecting, edging, cutting back, pulling out, and of course, leaf gazing.

Yes, it's that simple.   Leave the garden in the fall how you want to find it in the spring.

No rush though, at least for me. Right now the leaves are still green and the days are decently warm but not hot.  I looked at the ten day forecast and didn't see any temperatures that looked even close to frosty. We get our first frost on average around October 10th.

Plenty of time.  Yes, indeed. It sounds like I've got plenty of time to make up information about garden fairies study fairyology and see what else I can make up learn about garden fairies and pass along to others before I start rushing around to finish that one "to do" item before the snow flies.

Leave the garden in the fall how you want to find it in the spring... The World's Shortest Fall Gardening To Do List.


  1. That is my kind of list! Enjoy the garden and the beautiful weather instead!

  2. You make that sound so simple. I have a new brush cutter which will make it so much easier. I will let you know! Gotta wait for that frost though.

  3. Your To Do List really speaks to me. In its simplicity it embodies the whole panoply of fall gardening tasks, but with the addition of a powerful incentive to get the work done. Who doesn't dream of entering the spring season with nothing much to do but admire the bulbs coming up and the trees budding out!

  4. Very funny, Carol! However, in the spring I expect my garden to look like I left it in the fall - pretty messy!


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