As the Leaves Turn, Season 1, Final Episode

"As the Leaves Turn" is a soap opera for gardeners brought to you by our sponsors.

When we last left our gardener, at the end of Episode 3, she had just received her long-for package and had rushed inside to open.

In this final episode, our gardener is standing in her kitchen, staring down at the box, imagining what is inside of it. She slowly turns the box from end to end, side to side, examining it closely.

She then takes out a knife out, carefully slices through the tape holding the box closed and gingerly folds back the flaps on top.

She reaches in and pulls out the wadded up paper that is protecting what is inside the box.

There it is.

The most beautifully hand-crafted hand hoe she has ever seen or owned.

From the hand-hewn hickory handle to the tip of the hand-forged hoe head, it is a work of art.

The curly-cue in the shank holds the head at the perfect angle.

And the stamping on the back elevates it above all other hand hoes.
The craftsman who created this, from Fisher Blacksmithing has truly created a work of art.

The gardener exclaims over the beauty of her new hand hoe and takes it out to the garden.

Should art be used in common toil? 

Our gardener tries the hoe out and determines that it is going to be her new go-to hand hoe. It works, and works well.

After trying the hoe out in a few more places in the garden, she takes it inside and gently wipes it off.
Art will be used in toil, and it will be used well and often.

Thus concludes season 1 of "As the Leaves Turn", a soap opera for gardeners. Stay tuned to find out if there will be future seasons with our gardener.


Cindy, MCOK said…
There is a special joy in working with beautifully made tools. May you and your hoe have many productive years together.
Dee Nash said…
It's a beauty. Truly a piece of art hearkening back to when craftsman made everything by hand. Enjoy. ~~Dee
Leslie Kuss said…
Beauty and function...perfect!
Kathy said…
I'm glad to hear it works as well as it looks!
Kalantikan said…
I wont use that with soil if it's mine, as it will get rust when it get's wet. I will just hang it where it is very conspicuous to everybody especially I. By the way it reminds me of silver wares in Sweden, with handles like that. I've been thinking what they are used for!
Layanee said…
It will just improve with use. What a beautiful tool. Made in America as well.
Beautiful! I should have guessed that your package contained a hoe.
Kris Peterson said…
I never would have imagined that a hoe could be so beautiful!
Daniela Baloi said…
What a beauty you've got there! I wouldn't use it if I will be you! It is too pretty!
Rose said…
I should have guessed this is what would be in your package! What a beautiful piece of craftsmanship; I'm not sure I'd actually have the heart to get it dirty.
RobinL said…
Oh it is indeed a beauty of a hoe! I'm sure it's hard to get dirt on it, but life is short, so use the hoe. But keep it clean in between, right?