As the Leaves Turn: Season 1, Episode 1

"As the Leaves Turn" is a soap opera brought to you by our sponsors.

In this soap opera, there are garden fairies in a snit, tree fairies being falsely accused, and pillywiggins counting the last of the bulbs being planted for spring blooms.

No one knows how it happened, but some flower borders have been overrun by thugs called thistle and the keepers of the vegetable garden are up in arms that this late in the season, tomato vines are still tied to their stakes, with rotten tomatoes zapped by frost still attached.

With the stage set, we watch the first episode.  

Inside, the gardener seems almost oblivious to all that is going on around her as she sits quietly, surrounded by gardening books both old and new.

A postman walks up the front walk as suspenseful music plays.  He pulls a box from his bag, leaves it by the door, rings the doorbell and turns to walk away.

The gardener, with a quick, startled glance that is supposed to imply she had no idea the postman was delivering a package, gets up and walks toward the door.

She slowly opens the door, glances around and then down, and says to no one in particular, "I wonder what is in the box."  She glances around again, grabs the box, and closes the door behind her.

The camera zooms in on the box as the gardener looks for something to open it with.

What could be in the box?

Tune in tomorrow for another episode  of "As the Leaves Turn" to find out.


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