Garden fairies take credit for autumn crocus blooms

Crocus speciosus
Garden fairies here!

It has been a long time since we posted anything but we are going to make it a short time by posting here now.

We are quite excited about how we fooled Carol the other day.

Wait, we didn't quite fool her because when you do that the object of the foolery looks foolish and Carol did not quite look foolish.

We tricked her! Yes, that's it, we tricked her.

No, wait, we didn't really trick Carol because when someone gets tricked, they stand there scratching their head, puzzling over what just happened.

Carol wasn't exactly puzzled over what we did.

We garden fairies surprised Carol.

Yes, that's exactly what we did.  We surprised Carol.

Would you like to know how we surprised her?  We are garden fairies so we will get right to the point and tell you how because that's what we do. We get right to it. No delays, stalls, waits or other such time wasters here. No, we get right to it.

What were we getting right to?

Oh yes, we surprised Carol!

Here's what happened.  On November 2nd, it was a Saturday, Carol came out into the garden and planted Colchicum bulbs and autumn crocus corms, Crocus speciosus.  She was really just going to buy the Colchicum bulbs but there was a sale and it also included autumn crocuses, so she got them, too.

We know that when Carol planted those crocuses, she didn't expect them to bloom until next fall. Well, we garden fairies decided that we would surprise Carol by making them bloom this year.

So we made them bloom this weekend.

You should have seen how surprised and delighted Carol was when she ventured outside yesterday to play in the compost.  She stopped and looked at every bloom.  We saw her take pictures, too, and have put one on this post. 

We were so happy, too, to hear her say as she went on back to the compost bins that she was going to have to buy a whole lot more autumn flowering crocuses for next year.

To that we say, Hooray!  We are garden fairies and we never think there are enough flowers around here, especially in the fall.

Submitted by,
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and Influencer here at May Dreams Gardens


  1. You fairies are so clever! Good job!

  2. Just so you fairies know, both colchicums and crocuses are corms. And I'm glad you helped her realize that she needed more autumn-blooming flowers of the cormous persuasion.

  3. Let the rally cry be more autumn blooming !!!! Well played, May Gardens Garden Fairies.

  4. I love to see flowers blooming in the fall! Great job, fairies.

  5. Such thoughtful Fairies too :)

  6. I planted Autumn crocus last fall and had beautiful foliage for even a few months of this summer and then it went dormant... The foliage did appear again in late September but no blooms this year. Is this to be expected? I do have a light bark mulch over the area....

  7. Those fairies sure are clever, and just full of good ideas. I suppose that's why you let them live in your garden. Right?


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