My garden has never been more ready for winter

Columbine seedlings in the leaves
Elizabeth Lawrence, the famous southern garden writer, had one for her garden.

So did the writer, Eudora Welty, who spent a lot of time in her garden, fussing over her camellias. She wrote in her gardening letters during World War II it was hard to find a reliable one.

I never thought I'd have one, but I do.

Yes, I have a guy I call to come out and help in the garden when I don't have the time or the strength or both to tend to it as it should  be tended to.

He came out with his crew of two helpers in the spring and edged and mulched all the borders in the back garden.  It looked great when they were done.

Then they came back a couple of times this fall to cut back all the perennials and weed out the awful thistle that is threatening to overtake my garden and steal my joy.   This left me with time to plant bulbs and corms, in the lawn, in the borders, all over the garden.

I've already asked him to plan on coming out in the spring before Easter to edge and mulch the borders again so they look nice for The World's Greatest Family Easter Egg Hunt, when many of those bulbs will be up and blooming.

Of course, I still mow my own lawn. I wouldn't think of having someone else do it for me.  I'm hoping to mow it one last time for the season in the next week or so. Since that will be the last mowing, I'll drop the blade to the next setting  so the grass is a little shorter going in to winter.  This helps prevent snow mold, a fungus that attacks lawns in early spring in areas where the grass is covered by mats of leaves or by taller grass that has flopped over under the weight of snow.

Anyway, one last mowing, hopefully in the next week or so, and my garden and I should be ready for winter.

And with the help of a guy and his crew, my garden has never been more ready for winter.


  1. If I didn't have my dear husband and so many children I'd need a helper too! I don't have to do the harder landscaping work... it's all about the planting, weeding and pruning (and other jobs of course) for me! Guess that's why I love it so much!


  2. You can sit back and enjoy now, safe in the knowledge that all is safely gathered in !
    It is beginning to sound very tempting to have 'A Man Who Does'! We do all ourselves but it would be lovely to have more time for the good, fun bits and leave the hard work to someone else!

  3. Lovely feeling, isn't it? I have a man who helps in the garden, too, as well as my husband who does a lot of the heavy work. I guess I'm spoiled, but as I said, it feels good when looking out at a tidy garden all ready for the first snowflakes this weekend! P. x

  4. Only occasionally do I hire help and then it's the best.

  5. My husband mows and edges. We have a very small yard, so I do the rest!

  6. With the help of my husband and "a man" one morning every other week, we manage to keep nearly an acre looking fairly tidy.
    You certainly sound as if you are ready for winter, me, I still have quite a lot more to do!

  7. It's definitely okay to ask for help. I'm thinking of asking for help with the leaves. Maybe. ~~Dee


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