First Snow Starts the Thinking Season of Gardening

First snow. Thursday night into Friday morning. About four inches here, give or take. Plus it is quite chilly. 

No one is going to sit in those chairs for a while now. They are made of engineered wood and will withstand the wintry weather, so I leave them out in the garden.

They are too heavy for me to move around every fall and spring, anyway.

I'm not much of a winter vegetable gardener, so the vegetable garden will also be undisturbed until spring.
I am sowing some flats of microgreens inside this weekend. They'll be a nice, healthy addition to my lunch salads.  

When I walk about the garden, I realize that I am not alone.
Those are probably rabbit tracks.  I put little chicken wire fences around several newer trees and shrubs to keep the rabbits from eating them down to nubbins. I don't begrudge them eating whatever else they find, in the neighbors' gardens, of course.

I left this wheelbarrow out in the garden for the winter.
It's old, and I bought it old to use as a garden sculpture. I hope this just adds some nice patina (rust) to it and doesn't ruin it.

While I was outside taking some pictures, I checked on my Christmas roses, Helleborus niger 'Josef Lemper'.
You'll just have to believe me that there are flower buds under that snow. I was tempted to carefully remove the snow but decided to leave it be.  It's better for the snow to gradually melt rather than to have me scrape it off and risk breaking off the flower buds. Plus, the snow helps to insulate the crown of the plant.

If you don't mind, we'll go inside now. It is cold outside, but inside...  inside is where a lot is going on these days. New library room, new flowers, new books, new ideas for gardening... it is officially the Thinking Season of Gardening.
Wherever you are. Stay warm!


  1. It all looks very beautiful! We haven't had any snow yet - although we have had severe gales and flooding.

    Although I miss gardening solo much in these winter months, I do enjoy having the time to reflect and plan... and look at all those seed catalogues !

  2. Brrr. We received 11.5" of snow during the storm. I will be thinking for some time.

  3. Yes! Every garden needs a big think.
    And every gardener needs a break. For reflection. A little distance in order to re-engage wholeheartedly after a while.
    Snow is peaceful. As long as the power stays on!

  4. Such a beautiful snow! The wheelbarrow makes fine sculpture, and the chairs too.

  5. We all need a break from gardening, now is the time to curl up with a good gardening book! No snow here yet, hopefully not until after Christmas, and then we quite often don't get it then either.

  6. I absolutely hate winter, snow, and ice! It's a real downer for me!

  7. Looks beautiful. Is that a trick of the camera shot or is your wooden gate actually curved? I'm a sucker for lovely gates and that's got character.


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