Garden fairies urge patience

Improper way to store gardening books
Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are posting on this blog to urge patience amongst the tree fairies and the book fairies who reside here at May Dreams Gardens.

The tree fairies are up in arms because they do not see the big Christmas tree yet and do not even see a place where it  might fit in the great tree room where it usually was in years past.

This seems to be due to a bigger teevee which was brought in after Christmas last year.   We garden fairies were not consulted on this purchase but have accepted it because on this big teevee Carol can stream British gardening shows via the Internet and we garden fairies like to watch those with her.

Anyway, the tree fairies, being resourceful fairies, began a room to room search to determine where Carol could maybe move some furniture from the great tree room to another room, even temporarily, to make room for the big Christmas tree.

What they found was shocking to them. Beyond belief.  Amazing.  Unexpected.  Flabbergasting.

They found an entirely empty room. 

An empty room with nothing in it. Empty.  Echo-y empty.  They immediately began planting the seed in Carol's mind to get her to think of moving at least one piece of furniture from the great tree room to that room to make room for the tree.

So far, they have been unsuccessful. Carol won't budge on this.

Why? Because of the book fairies.  Carol emptied the other room, which she once called "the dining room", of its contents and is now calling it "the library" even though it is currently an empty room.

We garden fairies have deduced that Carol is getting bookshelves for this now empty room which will allow her to give the garden books, and the book fairies that live in them, a good and proper home, where they can stand up next to each other instead of being piled up in big stacks.

Some of the book fairies heard that the tree fairies were trying to get Carol to move furniture into their library to make room for the Christmas tree and they cried out, "No way. We are tired of being squished at the bottom of these stacks of books. We deserve nice bookshelves where books can be kept as they should be kept and not in these big piles which sometimes topple over because the book Carol wants is always at the bottom of the stack."

The tree fairies protested right back that they came inside to take up residence in the big tree, which isn't there. But they refuse to go back outside where they came from and where there are trees a-plenty because the weather forecast calls for snow and cold to commence in the next 24 hours and it is nice and warm in the house.

We garden fairies are working to bring both the tree fairies and the book fairies to some kind of agreement.  Once we have an agreement we just need to get Carol to cooperate, and then there will be peace for the winter here at May Dreams Gardens, with garden book fairies all snuggled in their books on actual bookshelves, and tree fairies enjoying the shelter of a lovely tall Christmas tree.

Until this all happens, which will be in about two weeks, we garden fairies urge patience. The library will be nice and the tree, when she gets it, will be a welcomed haven for tree fairies.

Patience.  We urge patience.

Submitted by:
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, chief scribe and peace maker for the garden fairies, tree fairies, book fairies, toast fairies, and laundry fairies at May Dreams Gardens


  1. Oh dear! I don't blame the book fairies or tree fairies. I hope it all works out in a week or two. Congrats, book fairies! You're right. You deserve better. ~~Dee

  2. I don't blame eithter contingent for their unhappiness, but now I'm unhappy wishing for a big empty room where I could fit more bookshelves, a good reading chair AND a Christmas tree.

  3. I didn't realize there were book fairies, but you know, that may explain a few things I've seen at the library where I work....

  4. Oh my goodness - how do you stream British gardening shows from the internet? If you tell me I will remain glued to the tv until spring and will have to have the couch surgically removed from my rear. But please tell me! :-)


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