Down the rabbit hole, again

More Lily of the Valley
I've gone down into another rabbit hole of old gardening books.

Down in this particular rabbit hole, I've been following one trail and then another, sometimes retracing steps just to be sure, and other times finding a new trail, only to have it lead me right back to where I was before.

Along the way, I've either found something I never expected to find or I've been taken for a goodly sum of money.

I'll know for sure when I get a package from this rabbit hole in five to nine days, perhaps as late as February 2nd.

I promise to share more about my fortune or misfortune, however it turns out, once the package arrives.

In the meantime, winter continues. We've reached the point when forecasts of more snow are no longer a cause for excitement or concern. We've got our "snow legs" now, so we just shovel the snow aside and keep going. 

I've also arrived at my fifth anniversary of joining the Society of Gardeners Aged 50 and Over (SGAFO).  Time flies, doesn't it? Good times.  Yes, good times, for the most part.  Double nickels. Discounts. It's all good.

I am pleased at this juncture to be able to still mow my own lawn, shovel the snow off my driveway, and sling a bag of mulch off my truck and into a wheelbarrow. 

I am delighted that I am still as giddy as a kid going through the Sear's Wish Book at Christmastime whenever I go through a seed catalog, marking varieties and dog-earing pages as I plan out my gardens for the coming growing season.

The only difference, I suppose, is way back then when I was picking out toys in the Wish Book, there was a practical limit to what my mom and dad would buy me for Christmas and my birthday. Today, I can buy whatever seeds I choose from the seed catalogs and the practical limit is based on the size of my garden, plus add a few extra packets because gardeners always end up with more seeds than they  plant.

I am blessed.

We'll see just how blessed when I get that package from the rabbit hole in five to nine days, or perhaps as late as February 2nd.


  1. Hoping the package is just what you hope for! The Sears Wish Book brings back warm memories...thanks for reminding me of it.

  2. I'm blessed to have you as my friend. Happy Birthday!~~Dee

  3. I hope it was a good day and that all your wishes come true. xo

  4. Blessed indeed ! I feel the same ... so lucky to just be out there and doing it. I don't ask for more than that !

  5. Gardeners over 50, who knew! I hope this adventure down the rabbit hole is a fun one.

  6. I'm late with best happy birthday wishes but I forsee a year filled with delicious edibles and gorgeous blooms.


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