Stop, thief!

Oh bother and annoyance!

It seems that a web site owner is scraping my blog posts and putting them on their site.

A week ago or so, they showed several of my posts, with no link back to me.

Now it seems they've added a link back to here at the bottom of each post.

Woopee-doodle-dee, that's not going to cut it!

I wonder if they'll scrape this post and put it on their site?  I won't give them a link but just look for "Stem Leaf Bloom" dot com, all one word. 

Oh, and they are on Facebook, too.  Just look for Stem Leaf Bloom. I've emailed them via their contact info on their website and left messages on their Facebook page on multiple posts, including mine and those they've stolen from other bloggers.

My rights are clearly noted at the bottom of my blog. I'll repeat them here.

"This site, including the pictures and text, is protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I grant you prior permission to use my feed and quotes of 100 words or less as long as you give credit. If you wish to use more, please email me."
So, to the scrapers of the Stem Leaf Bloom website, please contact me to discuss the use of my copyright protected content.

We now return to lovely thoughts of gardening.


  1. It says "This account has been suspended." I bet the garden fairies lobbied on your behalf!

  2. Lost Roses, you might be right. Those garden fairies. I bet they contacted the hosting service and said the website was all stolen content and the hosting service suspended it. One should not lightly steal from a garden fairy, for sure.

  3. The more time I spend on the Internet, the more nervous it makes me. Not only is privacy at risk, so is property. You are lucky you found out about this. I looked them up on Google, and they had posts galore until someone shut them down. God only knows whose work they looted.

  4. Good work, garden fairies! So sad that there are garden blogging thieves!

  5. I have not tried to search after reading the above. I have my photos so that you should not be able to copy. But, that doesn't mean that it isn't happening. Facebook photos are a concern to me as well & I don't usually post people photos. Thanks for the alert.

  6. On the happy side, a post stolen is a good post.... but without credit or link back, the original blogger will feel badly hurt.

  7. So sorry this has happened to you, Carol! :(

  8. I can't imagine how they thought they could get away with it. The great thing is they didn't get away with it in the end. It must be frustrating but as somebody has already said it is a form of flattery if someone wants to steal your posts. Awful for you though.

  9. I posted on their Facebook site under your picture and writing that is was not theirs to take.

  10. This kind of thing is exactly why it took me so long to start a garden blog...


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