Ain't nobody happy about this cold weather

Hyacinth forced into bloom indoors
Ain't nobody happy about this cold weather at the end of March.

The pansies on the front porch are shivering but because they are on the south side and partially under cover, they are hanging in there. Looks like if they can just make it through the next 24 hours, they'll be fine.

As expected.  They are pansies after all.

The violas on the back patio are shivering and then some. They are on the north side of the house and it sure is cold for them. They were looking a bit ragged earlier after all those snow showers. I hope those violas recover.  No, I didn't cover them. It is going to be cold enough that covering won't make enough of a difference. No, I didn't move the containers to a warmer spot.  The containers are too big to move.

I gave the violas some water and blew them a kiss for good luck.

The crocuses are all closed up tight.  They do that when it is cold or cloudy or snowy.  After all, the bees are smart enough to stay home during weather like this, so the crocuses don't want to waste their pollen for nothing.

Crocuses are like that... you think they open for you, but they really open up for the bees.

Yep, ain't nobody happy about this cold weather in March.

Well, check that. The hyacinths are oblivious to the cold weather, because they're inside.

I forgot to get the hyacinth bulbs out of the refrigerator after the new year to force using hyacinth vases, so a few weeks ago, I potted them up, thinking I'd have a nice bunch of hyacinths for Easter on April 20th. Whoosh! They were so excited to be out of that refrigerator and in some dirt that they shot right up and are now blooming.

No turning those blooms back now, so might as well enjoy them while I have them.

The garden fairies are tired of the cold, too. But they are almost oblivious to it at the moment. They are working on a big announcement, but biding their time until it is the right time for the announcement.  Stay tuned.


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