Garden Fairies Take a Big Step Forward

Garden fairies here!

We are garden fairies and we are as excited as the first crocus of spring to announce we have done something that no garden fairy has ever done.

We have written a foreword for a book.

Yes, we are garden fairies and we wrote the foreword to Miniature Gardens: Design and create miniature fairy gardens, dish gardens, terrariums and more-indoors and out by Katie Elzer-Peters (Cool Springs Press, 2014).

Apparently, Katie is a big fan of us garden fairies so she contacted our agent, Carol, and asked if we would write a foreword for her new book.  Yes, that's right, we garden fairies have an agent now.  Carol doesn't do too much on our behalf, but we are working on that because we just don't think it is right that she sits there doing nothing while we work and work and work writing a book foreword.

Before we wrote the foreword, we found out what a foreword is. We are garden fairies, we know a lot but we don't know everything.

Then, we read through a copy of the book  and that's when we decided that we would pleased to recommend such a book to anyone who is interested in growing miniature gardens in addition to their regular garden.   Or in place of their regular garden. Or to give as a gift to someone else.  Or to grow just for fun.  Or to extend gardening indoors in the winter time. Or to just for once plant a garden without having to break your back over a shovel or worry about marauding rabbits armed with sharp plant-eating teeth attacking it in the middle of the night while you are unwisely sleeping soundly.

Shudder at the thought of the marauding rabbits!

We garden fairies do believe that this is the first and so far only foreword ever written by garden fairies.

We offer this picture of Violet Greenpea Maydreams' by-line as proof of the actual foreword. We circled it in green so you could see.  This foreword is a big step forward for us garden fairies. Forward to what, we don't know but it is a foreword moving us forward at least into the literary history books

Ha ha!  We are garden fairies! It's also a teaser.  Buy this book if you want to read the complete foreword, the only foreword, the best foreword every written by garden fairies!

Submitted by:
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, scribe and writer of an actual book foreword!

P.S. You might also want to buy the book because it is a great book about miniature gardens with lots of ideas to inspire you to plant small and enjoy miniature gardening.


  1. awesome! Congratulations! so you are now famous as well. Dont let it go to your fairy heads :)

  2. Love Fairy Gardens. I made one last year.

  3. This is a historic moment and achievement for garden fairies. Congratulations! Your endorsement of the book makes it a must read for me.

  4. Congrats to the Garden Fairies. What a great opportunity to spread your good nature. Can't wait to read this book as I love Mini gardens.

  5. I applaud your ability and opportunity to write the foreword, Carol, but I have to tell you that the latest trend in gardening in my area, of "fairy gardens" is the most blatent and nauseating marketing campaign I've seen in years.


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