Garden fairy selfies

Garden fairy selfie
Garden fairies here!

We are garden fairies and we are as antsy as can be for this spring to get here and stay here.

Yesterday was so nice outside.  The world seemed so right.  Carol was outside cutting back beautyberry and butterfly bush.  She even cut back the roses without nary a cuss word, even though she was probably stuck a few times by the thorns.

We garden fairies watched her for a bit, then got kind of bored. She never once took off her gloves so we could hide one. 

But she did leave her camera unattended for a bit so we decided to get in on this craze called selfies and take all kinds of pictures of ourselves to post on line.

We even posted a selfie on Twitter.  Would anyone be willing to retweet it so we can get the word out?  It's also on Facebook to share.

Some of our best selfies include this one of Deema Mae Flowerweb.

She said she would have preferred to take a selfie by a rose, but there are no roses in bloom right now, so she took one by some crocuses.

Sweetpea MorningGlory thought it was hilarious fun.
She thinks the color of these crocuses complement her dress.

Ol' Tangle Rainbowfly thought at first this selfie business  was all utter nonsense, but we think this selfie he took of himself shows he couldn't resist.
Gosh, he needs a haircut or something.

Granny Gus McGarden even ventured out of the veg garden when she heard the laughter of the garden fairies.
She and her son the right reverend Hortus Augustus McGarden took one together. They are quite a pair.

A couple of other garden fairies couldn't resist dressing up a bit for their selfies.
Daisy Dewleaf and Rosie Riverflow shouldn't stick out their tongues like that.  After all, these selfies are destined to be posted for ever and ever for people to see.

We couldn't believe this one.
Professor Hortledore actually photobombed some of the garden fairy kids who were hanging out amongst the snowdrops, trying to get them to ring like bells while they took their selfie.

Finally, after watching everyone else take selfies, Violet Greenpea Maydreams couldn't resist taking her own selfie.
She chose to take her selfie beside a tiny viola that seems to have made it through the winter, to bloom again. She likes the implications of that. She is also very excited because Carol went by the local greenhouse and is having them hold five flats of violas until this current cold snap unsnaps itself.

We garden fairies had quite the fun with the camera, taking all of our selfies. We hope to do this again later in the spring. We are hip like that.

Submitted by:
Violet Sweetpea Maydreams, chief scribe and best selfie taker of the garden fairies at May Dreams Gardens


  1. I am impressed that they did such a good job on their first attempts!

  2. Well at least they have better manners with selfies than most people have.

  3. Great selfies... and spring is definitely in the air.

  4. I do prefer this type of elegant selfie.

  5. OMG the fairies are out again! I am even tempted to twitch my eyes so small to look for them in the pictures, but my 3rd eye is not functioning today. But i love all their selfies.

  6. The best selfies I've seen! I'm waiting, too, for this cold snap "to unsnap itself." I've never liked rollercoasters, and this rollercoaster weather is making me queasy...and impatient.


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