Go, go, go. Buzz, buzz, buzz.

We could learn a few things from the bees.

They were out in full force on Friday, the first full day of spring. They buzzed from hellebores to crocuses and then from crocus to crocus. I'm sure they visited the irises and snowdrops, too.

The bees know a sunny day shouldn't be wasted in the springtime. They know the pollen from those early spring flowers isn't going to be there forever until they get around to it.

This is not the lazy season. When the sun is shining and those flowers are open it is "go" time for the bees.  

Go, go, go. Buzz, buzz, buzz.

As I stood in the lawn, I could hear the bees singing a chorus.
The hum of their buzzing made it seem as though the ground was vibrating.  

In the springtime, we should be the bee. Enjoy the flowers. Waste no time. Get moving. Take advantage of sunny days.  It's springtime. It's go time.  Be like the bees...

Go, go, go. Buzz, buzz, buzz.


I haven't seen a bee yet. I am so jealous.
I haven't seen any bees!
Kathy said…
I haven't seen a bee OR a crocus yet!
Gail said…
I shall be like the bees! They're out and about in Middle Tennessee.
Kris Peterson said…
It probably should have been obvious to me but I never realized that the bees take a time-out when the weather's cold. Our bees work year-round - it just never gets cold enough here to have them laze about, I guess. If we could just get a little rain, SoCal would be a perfect place to garden.