The Garden of No Regrets

Spring in the garden, a few years ago
I've picked out a motto for my garden.

Or maybe it is a theme for this year?

Or maybe it is something to repeat whenever I can't decide if I should or shouldn't do something in my garden?

Or maybe it is a sub-name for May Dreams Gardens?

Or maybe it is just a state of mind for when I think about my garden?

Regardless... motto, theme, mantra, sub-name, or state of mind... I'm thinking of my garden now as...

The Garden of No Regrets.

All in or put your hoe away.

Let's go!


Perfect motto... Let the gardening begin.
LostRoses said…
Who could regret your garden, Carol? I agree, let the gardening begin - maybe next month!
Jane Scunthorpe said…
I believe that our regrets are mainly for the things which we have not done. Gardening , then, for me, will never harbour regrets as I am always out there doing it, changing it, buying for it, planning it, talking about it, writing about it or thinkinging about it. I even dream about it.
ricki grady said…
Perfect! Ours is called 'Delusional Drive'.
Maxie Spunky said…
Here you can see the green grass everywhere. This is due to good work.
susie39 said…
You always give me inspiration. Thankyou.
Rose said…
An excellent motto, Carol!