Little bits of sky

Chionodoxa sp.
Little bits of sky fell down to my garden and turned into flowers.

I love the blue of these small spring blooms which carry the common name of glory-of-the-snow and the genus name of Chionodoxa

For years, I've driven by a house surrounded by a lawn filled with these blooms. The house is old and has seen better days, as has the lawn and garden.  But without fail, the glory-of-the-snow bloom each spring, unaware of the unkept nature of the garden they live in.

I plan to add these little bits of sky to my crocus lawn in the back where they'll start to bloom just as the crocuses fade. I think about a thousand bulbs should be enough for starters.

As soon as they start selling bulbs for planting next fall, I'll place my order, then forget about it. Then one day in the fall, the box of bulbs will show up on my doorstep, and I'll remember I ordered them. I'll be delighted to have one thousand little bulbs to plant in my lawn.

Truly. I will.


  1. Another good lawn bulb is Siberian squill.

  2. I love seeing blooms like these in old abandoned farmsteads. I always think of the gardener who must have planted them years ago. A thousand of these would be beautiful in your lawn!

  3. Such a lovely shade of blue!

  4. My glory of the snow is pale, but indomitable. Grape hyacinths have spread themselves and I love them. A housebound friend planted a crocus lawn outside her window last fall and I am looking forward to seeing that first glory next week.

  5. It's definitely a good time to buy them. For sure. I might buy some more too. :)~~Dee


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