You can't stop me!

Magnolia stellata
It occurred to me this week.  When the star magnolia (Magnolia stellata) blooms, it is generally time to mow the lawn.

Now that I know this, I won't have to actually look at the lawn to decide when I should mow it for the first time. I'll just mow whenever the magnolia blooms.

I'm kidding.

I will look at the lawn to decide if it is ready for the first mowing.  But I won't look until the magnolia is blooming.

You can't stop me.

In other news, I'm posting another garden fairy selfie.

You can't stop me!
Garden fairy group selfie with crocus and iris
Oh, look, a little garden sprite photo bombed it.

I don't write much about garden sprites.  I really don't know much about them.  They are a bit shy and tend not to be out when people are out, but I suppose this photo op was just too tempting. 

You can't stop a garden sprite if they decide to jump into a garden fairy selfie.

You just can't.


ProfessorRoush said…
My own Magnolia stellata is blooming at peak right now; but the warm season prairie grass is still a month from needing any mowning!
Rose said…
I'm always looking closely at every one of your photos trying to see the fairies and sprites; I think I need new glasses:)
Jean Starr said…
The presence of the sprite explains the sprightly color of the crocus. What a deep blue!