Dear Friend and Gardener - A Postcard

Veg Garden May 18, 2014, Early Morning

Dear Dee and Mary Ann,

I haven't written for a while for our Dear Friend and Gardener series. In fact, I haven't written a "Dear Friend and Gardener" update since it snowed on April 16th.

Life is busy in the garden in May, so I just have time for a quick postcard update.

First of all, there were no lasting impacts from the snow in mid-April - I didn't think there would be. I am happy with how the garden is growing now. 

The picture above is my postcard for you. It was taken in mid-morning and the day was a bit sunny so sorry for the weird lighting.

The peas are climbing up their supports, but are not yet blooming. But, I'm pulling radishes and harvesting lettuce now, some of the best I've grown.   We had a cold week just past, so I waited until this morning to finish planting out peppers and tomatoes. Later this evening or tomorrow, I'll sow seeds for green beans, squash, corn, okra, and cucumbers.  I forgot to buy some eggplant, so I need to stop somewhere after work tomorrow and get some, or my garden won't be complete.

I'll provide a better update once the spring planting is done. I'll also tell you about a wonderful biography I'm reading.

Here's to gardening!



The Diva said…
Carol, I love those pea supports. Where did you get those? I need some for my snow peas. Mine are up and blooming, and I have more lettuce than my family of four/five/three, depending upon which college students are here, can eat. I guess the chickens will have a field day soon before the heat sets in. Love your beautiful garden.~~Dee